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Shoe inspiration.

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caulkheaded Mon 02-Mar-20 12:02:14

I used to wear heels 90% time but it’s gradually dropped into DMs, supergas, New Balance etc and I miss them.

Usual style is quite Oasis/Warehouse/Zara. Lots of cord skirts, printed dresses etc and I work in a school, so professional and but too smart. I’m 5’3 and size 8/10. Big legs though so lots of shoes don’t work.

I’ve got some fly London shoes and black ankle boots but looking for inspiration for comfortable heels to wear more often.

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sorryiasked Mon 02-Mar-20 21:15:17

I've bought several pairs from Heavenly Feet and they are so comfy. Main benefits for me are lots of wedge heels as I can't balance on normal ones, and knee high boots that I could get my big legs in smile

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