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What colour tops don't show sweat marks

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SnowyPetals Sun 01-Mar-20 14:56:16

You could try more flowing tops that allow a little air round the armpits. That way they are not touching your skin.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 01-Mar-20 14:37:58

I use driclor but I couldn't find clear cut animal testing info so I’m changing to odaban when it runs out.

I’d have Botox in my sweat glands if money was no object.

Handsnotwands Sun 01-Mar-20 11:12:38

Driclor roll on is what you need. It’s vicious stuff but really works

DoomMerchant Sun 01-Mar-20 11:06:09

yep, I always wear patterned tops just in case

notespeciallyno Sun 01-Mar-20 11:01:39

I have this problem and go for patterned tops in the summer. Sometimes I have to put up with hideous ones that I can find in shops but this is purely to hide the sweat! This is me generally June through to September!

Halfcharged Sun 01-Mar-20 07:16:58

I used to get terrible sweat marks under my arms, even black and white show up. I’d recommend triple dry roll on. It’s made such a huge difference to my life, it’s so liberating to be dry and clean and not worry about the marks or smell.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 01-Mar-20 07:14:06

Wouldn’t it be easier to use a stronger anti perspirant?.

Notanotheruser111 Sun 01-Mar-20 01:54:11

Patterns, although it depends on the fabric solid colours will show wet patches more.

idontwanttogoooooooooooo Sat 29-Feb-20 22:22:28

blush summers coming.. well I'm preparing, it's absolutely freezing tonight so this year I'm going to look cool and put together. Help me ! Which colours won't show sweat < steps away from her light marl grey T-shirt >

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