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Anyone got a Marks and Spencer voucher code?

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trumpisaflump Fri 28-Feb-20 19:45:10

I quite like a coat in M&S but can't afford full price. I've googled voucher codes but can't find any so thought I'd ask here. Thanks!

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Destinesia Fri 28-Feb-20 20:41:40

Sorry, I think the last lot of vouchers expired on Monday.

They often do 20% discounts around a bank holiday, so would expect the next ones to be in April for Easter or May.

If you have a Sparks card, sometimes they send you through personalised offers (my current one is 20% off leggings, trousers and jeans).

trumpisaflump Fri 28-Feb-20 21:20:20

Thanks @Destinesia I had a feeling the recent vouchers had just expired.

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