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Skincare recommendations

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Mummyy07 Thu 27-Feb-20 16:42:22

I am hopeless when it comes to skin care. I have bought countless elemis sets etc but I don't know if they are any good for my skin etc. Also bought a dermaroller as I have bad chickenpox scars which I was wanting to try and help reduce but do not know what serum is best to use with this.

Could any one recommend a serum for dermaroller, retinol and moisturiser or anything else beneficial and give me a step by step what I should be using/doing. Under my eyes are now very dark also n I would just like to take care of my skin in general as I feel I have aged so much past couple of years and would like to have a nicer glow. I am 34.

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BookMeOnTheSudExpress Thu 27-Feb-20 20:21:05

I'm not sure the Dermaroller will help with scarring tbh. I had one and used it with plumping serums like hyaluronic.
You could try a Retinol serum from somewhere like Garden of Wisdom, or La Roche Posay Redermic.
What kind of skin have you got?
It's worth having a long read through the Fantastic Skincare threads- the lovely Botemp has prepared cheat sheets for all kinds of skincare issues, I'm guessing you'd fall under early signs of ageing.

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