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Over 40 ? Good skin ?

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Elasticatedwaist Thu 27-Feb-20 15:22:24

As in not many lines or wrinkles . What has been your routine and products used ?

Just being nosy really and it’s something I’m interested in at the moment . I’m 44 and have always looked after my skin in a minimal way but feel like I am getting more lines every day !

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Lottapianos Thu 27-Feb-20 16:26:49

I'm 40. It's a pain but I do think that diet and lifestyle are at least as important as good skincare. By which I mean water, sleep, plenty of fruit and veg, cut way back on sugar, fresh air, exercise and obviously dont smoke

What type of skin do you have? I'm dry and dehydrated and can recommend some good products if you're similar

Astrabees Thu 27-Feb-20 16:51:41

63 and very few lines and wrinkles. My mother was the same and she lived to 92 with a very smooth pretty face, so i think it is partly heredity. I wear make up every day, and think that foundation does protect your skin I also think that being a reasonable weight but not skinny helps.
I have lots of allergies and can only use Clinique (out of the major brands) their moisturiser is brilliant and I don't need a night cream or serum if i apply that am and pm.Plenty of sleep is good too.

BoogleMcGroogle Thu 27-Feb-20 17:31:02

I honestly think that skincare routines make very little difference. I am 42 and get told I have nice skin. I think that the majority is genetics- my parents both look young for their ages. I don't smoke, I eat well etc. Which I guess might help? I'm a bit of a fresh air freak and love being outside. I don't easily 'burn' but am not fastidious about sunscreen as I like a little colour and think it's flattering.

I wash twice a day in the shower using a boring facial wash ( Clinique at the moment I think) then use a Simple moisturiser. In the evenings I use an expensive L'Occitaine face cream but have no illusions it does anything other than smell heavenly!

Lily193 Thu 27-Feb-20 17:32:41

I think minimising sun exposure from a young age and always wearing sunscreen really makes a difference as well, particularly when you hit your forties.

Richlyfruited Thu 27-Feb-20 18:23:10

Same age but minimal lines - payoff for having extremely greasy skin all my life! But I still get mahoosive spots so you can't have it all <sigh>

I do spend a lot of time (and money!) on my skin. I always double cleanse, tone and use Bakuchiol which really helps with smoothing out imperfections (from a lifetime of spots) and pigmentation.

Elasticatedwaist Thu 27-Feb-20 18:28:16

My skin has suddenly become tight and dry , a cream cleanser and a moisturiser , any have been my usual routine and an spf . I don’t smoke or drink and I’m a normal weight . I’m thinking maybe I’m peri menopausal or it’s wLking the dog in harsh weather that’s caused it .

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Bananabixfloof Thu 27-Feb-20 18:33:41

I apparently have good skin, I dont know what decides good from bad so I only go by what others have told me.
I wash with simple soap and water.
I also drink, not lots but I'm not teetotal, i smoke and I'm in the sun a lot as my job is outside.
I do eat pretty well. My mum was the same and fairly sure her skin was like mine.
I suspect its genetic, but who knows.

swingchandelier Thu 27-Feb-20 18:38:04

I’m 42 and have absolutely no wrinkles - people often comment on it.

I’ve never taken my make-up off in evening despite wearing it every day I use a moisturiser after shower and that’s it.....also drink too much/ stayed out all night/lived the life of Riley for years!

It’s mostly genetic

Whatevah Thu 27-Feb-20 18:39:55

I'm 45 and am often told I look 30 yo, and that I have good skin. I don't have any wrinkles, but I can tell they are coming, around my eyes. I have an insane unwrinkly forehead. Even if I frown/raise eyebrows, there is not a single wrinkle.
That's just the way I'm made.
I hated the sun until I was about 40 yo, was always in the shade. Smoked 20-30 a day for 20 years blush.
Have never slept in my make up, ever. Don't use toner. A cream make up remover. No wipes near my face.
I had dry skin until I was 40, then it went super oily. I now use NipFab range which works really well for me.
It's genes I suspect OP.

FlappingTurtle Thu 27-Feb-20 18:46:57

Clinique 3-step for many years, although I used to use their sunscreen moisturisers rather than the yellow one.

Now I still use Clinique soap and clarifying lotion, but I've been substituting Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect sunscreen moisturisers instead of Clinique ones (cheaper) . Plus Eucerin eye cream which has an spf (very hard to find this in an eye cream for some reason).

I think spf and avoiding sunbathing is key, personally. I'm one of those people who read the spf advice in magazines when I was a reenager and actually followed it religiously. I am very unwrinkly for my age now (46). Also a bit plump, which probably helps to smooth the skin out!

BookMeOnTheSudExpress Thu 27-Feb-20 20:12:45

I am 54 and told I look early-mid 40s.
That's fine, but every line and gravity obeying sag came after about 45. I teach, and up until about 45 the kids had me down as late 20s. So I'm ageing pdq and by the time I'm 60 they'll have me down as about 94 grin
I think the menopause just sent everything to hell in a handcart but I'm still fairly happy with my skin.
I do a lot of skincare though, have good genes, never had spots as a teen, don't drink or smoke and eat my greens.
Double cleanse with whatever I've got
Acid Tone
Vit C serum
Any old moisturiser
Facial oil
Factor 50 sunscreen always

NiteFlights Thu 27-Feb-20 20:27:15

Mine is okay though I do have number 11s. From observing my family I think genetics plays a huge part, but then sun & smoking & stress/pain/illness. I’m less wrinkly than my younger sis, who’s had more sun exposure. My mum’s skin is v good in her mid-70s but her older sister’s was better - my mum smokes (very little, but it’s had an effect). Skincare seems to have had less impact, if any. My gran had v good skin into her 90s. She only used oil of ulay and washed with water, but also never went abroad and probably wore a hat throughout her youth - and never smoked.

Titsywoo Thu 27-Feb-20 20:31:31

I really think genetics and sun-exposure make the most difference. I have good skin (early 40's) on my face. Have no real skincare regime - I use Simple moisturiser with SPF a few days a week. That's it. I do drink a lot of water but not sure that makes much difference. I do stay out of the sun most of the time and use a high SPF. I have been sunburned on my chest area quite a few times though and that area looks older than my years - very lined and crepey (doesn't help that I sleep with my boobs squashed together!). Nothing I can do now unfortunately!

FlappingTurtle Thu 27-Feb-20 20:41:19

Yes, my upper chest (the area exposed by years of V-neck tops) also looks a lot older than my face Titsywoo . I didn't wake up to the need to put daily sunscreen on it for ages, for some reason; I just stopped at the bottom of my neck.

I don't think it necessarily got sunburned as such - just exposed to daily sunlight for a lot more years than my face did. And now the difference really is noticeable. That's one of the reasons why I think daily spf is really key.

mynameiswah Thu 27-Feb-20 20:48:37

48 and no wrinkles yet. I think it's partly hereditary as my Dad always looked 20 years younger than he actually was. But I have always moisturised a lot, because when I was young I had terrible skin, very dry with hateful eczema, constant skin infections, pussing, scarring and allergic reactions. I found that moisturising super duper-religiously every day keeps the eczema at bay, with the upside now that people think I'm in my 20s. I even get carded still! Much to the embarrassment of my boyfriend who's my age and looks it, hahaha grin

Titsywoo Thu 27-Feb-20 23:30:24

Yes agreed @FlappingTurtle. Im embracing the boat and turtle neck more and more! Helps stop even more sun getting to the area.

Thecurtainsofdestiny Thu 27-Feb-20 23:34:27

Soap & water.

And lucky genetics I think!

goose1964 Thu 27-Feb-20 23:46:37

I'm mid 50s but have very few lines, both my grandmothers looked young for their age sinK agree with pp. I don't really have a facial routine but use moisturiser when my skin feels dry.

Girlintheframe Fri 28-Feb-20 06:05:27

I'm late 40s and have always taken care of my skin. People regularly think I look younger than I am but tbh I think it's genetics. My line of work means I regularly meet older women, some with barely a wrinkle. Some have always used skincare some none bar soap/water and some nivea.
I personally use AM/ HA, Vit C, moisterizer, SPF. PM/ Cleanse, VIT C, moisterizer, occ oil. Once weekly glycolic mask

CeeceeBloomingdale Fri 28-Feb-20 06:26:33

I have the laziest skincare routine, washing is mainly water. I use miscellar water to remove make up although I only wear it 2 or 3 days a week. Cheap Aldi moisturiser applied every few days when I remember. I suspect genetics are the reason I'm wrinkle free although drinking a lot of water definitely helps.

MoiraRose Fri 28-Feb-20 07:49:47

I'm 50 in a few days and for me it's definitely hereditary. I've never really been obsessed with my skin care (or even removing my makeup at night...) but I do think it helps that I have olive greasy skin. I have no wrinkles and just a few faint crows feet.

Saying that, I think I'm going to be more of a sagger. I'm starting to get a bit jowly confused

Buggedandconfused Fri 28-Feb-20 09:52:11

I’m over 50 and have found that retinol helps a lot. I eat a lot of salmon and avocado and drink green tea. I use a hydrating serum before my spf moisturiser every day. I use balm cleanser and use the retinol at night with a simple night moisturiser at night (Superdrug B range is fantastic). I have Botox for grown lines. My skin looks 10 years younger than my age.

Buggedandconfused Fri 28-Feb-20 09:52:36


Buggedandconfused Fri 28-Feb-20 09:53:33

Also I use an oil instead of moisturiser twice a week. Balance Me do a good one.

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