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ahem. this is my first thread in style. Is there a style hazing I have to go through?

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toomanydaves Wed 05-Sep-07 19:01:14

I have decided that this winter I should like to revisit the red lipstick thing I last did in about 19xx. I want a kind of cherryish red, one that's not going to make me look too rubicund. I have olivish skin but I do go red in heat. I would like one that stays on and looks really sophisticated so nothing pearlised. Any ideas, please?

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 05-Sep-07 19:39:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puff Wed 05-Sep-07 19:41:38

good ranges to look at:

Revlon (mid price range)

Chanel (more ££££ but lovely)

MrsBadger Wed 05-Sep-07 20:27:29

(NB the hazing consists of taking to heart the following style tenets:
No fleece
No trainers
No sportswear unless doing sport
Good shoes
Good bag
Brushed hair

that is all smile)

TigerFeet Wed 05-Sep-07 20:30:39

Oh dear I reported into a style thread yesterday whilst wearing a fleece <shudder>

In my defence yer'onner I was at work and it was for Work Purposes Only

(haven't a clue about red lippy, sorry, makes me look ridiculous)

LaCod Wed 05-Sep-07 20:32:21

id go and buy chepa ones adn try em
then work out what shade oyu liek then go and buy a posh one
also put a tiny bit of red on your lips then cover in clear gloss ot try a diff look

RosaLuxembourg Wed 05-Sep-07 20:38:29

And MrsBadger do not forget to mention.


toomanydaves Thu 06-Sep-07 11:08:39

Repeats style mantras and realises fails on some. Brushed hair? What is that?

JackieNo Thu 06-Sep-07 15:41:47

Also, to ease yourself into it gently, put it on with your fingers, as if it was lipgloss - makes it much less intense. And I'm with Cod on the gloss on top too. YOu can always top it up with 'full strength' subsequently, if that's the look you decide you prefer.

TJuice Thu 06-Sep-07 15:52:17

I think Mac reds are good with loads of pigment and decently priced too.

Aitch Thu 06-Sep-07 15:52:42

Poppy King lipsticks are out in this country now. loads of pigment so stay on well, and plenty of reds. go for red with a blue base if you flush. ask the make up person, they'll know what i mean.

Tortington Thu 06-Sep-07 15:59:09

lip liner is the key.

if one not only lines their lips put fills them in with lip liner then proceeds to put on the lipstick - it lasts

other techniques are layering

as above

then use your shade of lipstick and layer ontop with a lighter lipstick and finish with a gloss ( for evening)

or other layering

lipliner as above


cover with similar or lighter shade of EYEshadow
then go over again with lipstick

really isnt as time cnsuming as it sounds

TJuice Thu 06-Sep-07 16:04:12

oh, and i love Benetint for that 'eating berries' stained mouth

toomanydaves Thu 06-Sep-07 19:35:22

Oh thanks. How brilliant. Custardo that sounds really advanced AND time consuming, but I guess you practice, huh.

will anyone be joining me in red lips this season? Will I be able to spot any mners down B and Q from their scarlet lips?

toomanydaves Thu 06-Sep-07 19:35:26

Oh thanks. How brilliant. Custardo that sounds really advanced AND time consuming, but I guess you practice, huh.

will anyone be joining me in red lips this season? Will I be able to spot any mners down B and Q from their scarlet lips?

mazzystar Thu 06-Sep-07 21:51:01

can you get to a mac shop
if you can they have lots of colours and someone young and funky and not orange-foundationed will help you find the right shade and show you how to put it on.

ArcticRoll Thu 06-Sep-07 21:54:16

If doing full on red keep eye make up simple .

ruddynorah Thu 06-Sep-07 21:57:18

excuse me, may those of us with curly please not brush our hair or we end up with a fuzz ball, so not stylish. as long as we have glossy curls is that ok? do we pass?

woodenchair Fri 07-Sep-07 08:12:05

Your skin sounds similar to mine. I also always wore red in 19xx, and braved it again on the weekend.

I always bought one's with alot of blue in rather than orange, it suited my skin better. Bodyshop was always good, don't know what they have now though

DANCESwithTheMorningOff Fri 07-Sep-07 08:27:57

envy ruddynorah <as proud owner of fine kinked hair sad>

littlelapin Fri 07-Sep-07 08:31:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

toomanydaves Fri 07-Sep-07 09:32:08

Style threads get a lot of attention huh.
I'm another curly haired one so OBVIOUSLY I dont' brush it, but it's certainly not glossy in any wise.

If you see a curly-haired, non croc wearing, olive skinned person with really excellent red lips, swanking around the parks of xxxville, that'll be me. Great tips.

littlelapin Fri 07-Sep-07 09:32:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

toomanydaves Fri 07-Sep-07 09:34:26

My arse is about 8 times the size of SL's.
My mum did get told she looked like SL though, by the builder doing our extension in the early 80s. So actually YEH.It must be in the genes.

littlelapin Fri 07-Sep-07 09:35:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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