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Apparently CYO are being discontinued?

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SapphireSeptember Wed 26-Feb-20 17:30:02

I haven't heard much, but I'm a bit sad about it because their gel kohl eyeliner pencils are amazing (even if they did only come in five colours) and I've ordered back ups. They're being replaced by Revolution. Another brand I like going the way of the dodo. sad (Although I love and adore Revolution and can see me buying more of their stuff from Boots than Superdrug because they have more points.)

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 26-Feb-20 17:33:01

Yeah,they said this ages ago but seems to be still going.

SapphireSeptember Wed 26-Feb-20 17:35:37

At least someone is paying attention! I've only just heard about it. smile I don't follow Boots on social media though.

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 26-Feb-20 18:09:04

I just googled and they announced it 8 months ago with plans to stop this month. What a shame

SapphireSeptember Wed 26-Feb-20 18:31:20

Aww, that explains why it's all so cheap on their website. sad Better stock up before it all goes!

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Plump82 Wed 26-Feb-20 18:44:22

Isn't that a fairly new brand that replaced Boots 17? Didnt last long!

SapphireSeptember Wed 26-Feb-20 18:45:43

Yes it is, which is why I'm so surprised. They've only been around a couple of years.

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PammieDooveOrangeJoof Wed 26-Feb-20 18:46:09

I’m still annoyed they replaced boots 17 with CYO as the previous brand did an amazing highlighting concealer and primer

ClientQueen Wed 26-Feb-20 19:45:40

They are. I have 7 bottles of the lifeproof foundation and plans to add more blush

MikeUniformMike Wed 26-Feb-20 19:55:36

Boots Seventeen was great. I bought loads of stuff when it was discontinued.

SapphireSeptember Wed 26-Feb-20 20:38:11

I miss 17 too, I loved them for years. (I still have some lipsticks of theirs from when I was 17, which makes them 14 years old. blush ) When I knew they were going I got back ups of all my favourite lipsticks.

Queen I like your style! grin

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emma6776 Wed 26-Feb-20 21:23:57

I really miss Seventeen! I loved their lipstick in Showmance and stocked up, but now down to my last one and can’t find a replacement.

Wonkybanana Wed 26-Feb-20 23:16:31

I loved the colours in 17 blusher, cream and powder. Then Natural Collection did the cream one in the same shade, but now they've discontinued that too.

FormerlyFrikadela01 Wed 26-Feb-20 23:41:41

Is revolution really going into boots? That kind of surprises me. Seems an odd replacement for cyo... revolution has a huge range in comparison. Youd think theyd replace it with a brand that has a reasonably small range to fit in the empty bays.

dontgobaconmyheart Thu 27-Feb-20 00:23:37

Ah shame, the blush/highlight sticks and the life proof foundation are things I use daily. Will have to pick up a few if they're going cheap!

SapphireSeptember Thu 27-Feb-20 09:31:07

That's what I've read. They already have Makeup Obsession which is one of Revolution's brands (and is quite a small range in comparison to Revolution and even I Heart Revolution.) They already sell Revolution skincare too.

Although while Googling I came up with this. Never tell this woman about Urban Decay or Nars, she'd have a heart attack.

NYX recently changed a lipstick name from 'lolita' to 'lalaland' which confused the hell out of me, I assume someone complained about that too. I bought it from Selfridges with ridiculous P&P thinking it was 'lolita', and it turned up as 'lalaland', but the shade number was the same. At least the shade wasn't discontinued as it's very pretty, but as someone with an interest in a certain Japanese fashion I didn't see the problem. They still have the shade names 'fetish' and 'STFU' in the same range.

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ColonelCathcart Thu 27-Feb-20 09:40:03

To be fair I hate those kinds of names too. It’s a bit wannabe edgy.

ColonelCathcart Thu 27-Feb-20 09:41:21

I had no idea that CYO had replaced 17! I thought it was a new brand.

Wonkybanana Thu 27-Feb-20 15:29:43

I'm with the woman in the story. The names of the eyeshadows are horrible.

Never tell this woman about Urban Decay or Nars

To be fair to her, she absolutely makes the point that these sorts of names appear in other brands too, but that they cost more and are more likely to be bought by adults, whereas the palette in question is in pocket money territory.

Deathraystare Sat 29-Feb-20 16:14:35

I had to smile. i was around my friend's place. She is in her 70's and tends to wear a tinted moisturiser/bronzing cream. She had one by Boots 17 still on her bathroom shelf! Mind you, I still have the bronzing cream compact bronzey thingy that they made. The square one.

MikeUniformMike Sat 29-Feb-20 19:37:58

I have loads of Boots 17 stuff as I bought a lot when it was discontinued.

MadisonAvenue Sat 29-Feb-20 22:56:45

Blimey, CYO hasn't lasted long! They never should have discontinued 17.
I never found anything I liked enough to buy again in CYO.

Hoppymclimpy Sun 01-Mar-20 00:01:33

Gah..... Another range of stuff that I like being stopped. Luckily, due to this post, I've gone online and ordered a large stock of their 3 lined eyeliner.... Its amazing and I've never found one I like as much. Gutted it's going x

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