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Baby hairs...anyone else get this?

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Roarsomemore Wed 26-Feb-20 19:09:25

Pink, i've been wondering about stress being a factor too as I don't think it's baby hormones 2 years on.
Hammering, thanks for the solidarity lol! Hope it's only the one lot of regrowth you get.

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hammeringinmyhead Tue 25-Feb-20 23:20:33

I have it. I retained all my hair through pregnancy, as you do, and then about 6 months post partum 15 months' worth fell out. I've now got inch-long regrowth arpund my hairline and parting!

pinksummer Tue 25-Feb-20 22:04:13

Yup! Started after my first and then happened again with no.2. The last time it happened I couldn't work out why but my hairdresser asked if I'd been stressed recently and I'd jut had loads of building work done and I'm certain it was a factor.
I cannot offer any advice rather than sympathy at the tiny fringe, and when it grows mine grows up and out like a shit halo!

Roarsomemore Tue 25-Feb-20 21:56:51

Since having my baby (2 years ago now!) I seemed to have grown out 3 or 4 fringes that have grown of their own accord. My hair at the front and temples is quite thin but this is only noticeable if tied up. Why do these fringes keep coming?!

I do dye my hair - not very often though. I don't use that much heat on it so I can't imagine it would be damage.

I'm giving up and going to get a full fringe cut in to disguise it and at least it will look neat. Only thing with full fringe is the up keep with trims. Any advice welcome...or just join in the moan if you've got it too!

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