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generalist winter coat thread, big/small/norks/tall/short... what suits and what do you covet....?

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Aefondkiss Tue 04-Sep-07 23:02:38

style gurus please, I would like opinions

I am loving at least two coats atm

"would this suit a shorty/32f busted type?"

Aefondkiss Tue 04-Sep-07 23:03:59

I am a bit concerned about the two horizontal buttons

I also like the red woollen swing style


Aefondkiss Wed 05-Sep-07 11:04:42


bundle Wed 05-Sep-07 11:05:54

I'd have thought double breasted bit of a no-no for norky types

Aefondkiss Wed 05-Sep-07 11:07:27

thank you bundle...yes I know, but sigh, it is so lovely and those buttons are so close together and well under the bust... okay I know but what are my options?

nailpolish Wed 05-Sep-07 11:09:21

that coat in the Op is the most boring coat i have ever seen


and this

ae what i like

TigerFeet Wed 05-Sep-07 11:11:14

Hmmm, might be OK because of V neck, depends where the buttons lie really. if they are too high up you run the risk of the whole coat hanging off your norks and making you look pg.

Lovely coat though

bundle Wed 05-Sep-07 11:14:32

have just bought myself this coat

Aefondkiss Wed 05-Sep-07 11:17:36

thank you for your bluntness naily, but shocking pink aint me and I don't like next

Aefondkiss Wed 05-Sep-07 11:19:12

that looks good bundle, just saw some matalan ones in eve mag, look quite interesting and I could afford two, would prefer noblack as I have a black wool from las year

bundle Wed 05-Sep-07 11:22:19

I think peacocks/primark have some nice ones, you just have to be selective. gap sometimes have some nice lightweight ones too.

PinkMartini Wed 05-Sep-07 11:44:47

Naily, am loving the pink coat grin

Hurlyburly Wed 05-Sep-07 11:50:17

AEF - sorry don't think so - coat is okay - bit dull possibly - but definitely not for a norky type - also definitely not for a shortish person

MrsSpoon Wed 05-Sep-07 11:58:52

I tried this on the other day and it works really well with norks (I've expanded to a 32FF sad), I'm tempted to buy it.

MrsBadger Wed 05-Sep-07 12:19:16

Aefondkiss, tis close (deep v, nipped in), but ideally the nip needs to be at the waist not the underbust, and the double-breasted is a real no-no. Sorry sad

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