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Posture bra?

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AnneOfAvonlea Wed 19-Feb-20 18:03:47

Hi there,
I have back pain. Doctor and physio have suggested it is because my boobs are big. (32 hh)
I love pretty underwear, tend to wear panache or freya.
Can someone recommend something that will help give more support to posture and therefore help back pain?

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ruthieness Wed 19-Feb-20 19:47:08

Posture bras differ from some sports bras in that they have a crisscross strong elastic across the back but you will not find any in a 32 - but because of the strong elastic a 34 is fine and even a 36 might fit, but you are still going to struggle to find one in a cup size big enough - They are not v attractive but they do work well - I got one for horse riding as I was hunching forward and it made a big difference.

MikeUniformMike Wed 19-Feb-20 20:14:24

It could be that your bra is the wrong size. If the weight is being carried by your shoulders that can cause back pain.
Strengthening your abs will help posture, which can alleviate back pain.

AnneOfAvonlea Wed 19-Feb-20 21:29:12

I am wearing the right size. Have tried various sizes around this one inc 34 band with lower cup, but the 32 hh is the best fit. Went to bravissimo recently and they were happy with how it was fitting too.

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