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emmyo Wed 19-Feb-20 15:01:56

okay, to cut a long story short. I have naturally dark hair and like a lot of people started getting highlights a few years back. As many of you will understand, they’re very addictive and I just wanted to go lighter and lighter every time!! by the end I was fully blonde (not bleach blonde but unmistakably blonde if that makes sense) and back in the summer I made the decision to go back to brown for a few reasons, mainly cost, maintenance, damage - and I missed my brown !!

anyway went to the hairdresser and she first put a gingery dye over my hair to fill it, then a dark brown dye over that, all great at first, was a shock but looked just like my natural colour again. however after a few washes my hair started looking very ginger toned - like a gingery brown and it looks bloody awful and mismatched with my cool dark roots. other than going to the salon again (which I really can’t afford atm) are there any easy fixes? Help would be appreciated!!!!

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