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Alighieri Jewellery

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HundredMilesAnHour Wed 19-Feb-20 21:41:41

I'm a huge fan of Karl Karter. All his pieces are handmade in his Hatton Garden studio and are excellent quality. I know him (and his wife) personally and they're lovely people. He's super talented and a real craftsman. He's actually been featured on ITV in a show about Hatton Garden. But it depends if you like his style or not.

I also really like Cara Tonkin. She's very talented (award winning even), and again all her pieces are handmade by her in her Brighton studio. I actually know of her through Karl above.

You can get some good deals on her sales page (this is some of her previous collections):

There's also Niza Huang. A different style again but all handmade in London and good quality:

Or for something different, there's Tessa Metcalfe. I know her 'socially' and have quite a few pieces from her, including a bespoke necklace she made for me. I always get lots of compliments from strangers when I wear her pieces.

Swandrake Wed 19-Feb-20 20:49:08

Thanks, I've become very cautoius of online/insta friendly brands due to various MN threads of late.
Any of suggestions of similar brands as I really want to treat myself?

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HundredMilesAnHour Wed 19-Feb-20 20:38:57

It's not a scam brand but I do think it's overpriced.

There was an Alighieri sample sale near me (in east London) a few months ago and prices were much more reasonable. But it was heaving with long queues so only for the most determined Alighieri fans I think.

Swandrake Wed 19-Feb-20 20:33:21

Thanks Lily, that's good to hear. I was afraid it may be one of those Insta scam brands, all style and no substance. Any else tried it?

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Lily193 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:53:41

I have a few pieces and love them all, although this is the one I probably wear most as its easy to stack. The quality is excellent. I buy all mine online.

Swandrake Tue 18-Feb-20 21:48:25

I've lusted after so much of their stuff. The quirky, non perfect nature of appeals to me so much. Does anyone have it, what is the quality like? I want to treat myself but there are no stockists near me, the arty photos are part of the appeal but do little to help inform my on line shopping investigations.
Can anyone reccomend any other alternatives?

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