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Patchy Eyebrows : RevitaBrow / RevitaLash ; RapidLash or Castor Oil

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ChiaraMontague Tue 18-Feb-20 14:52:32

Has anyone tried RevitaBrow / RevitaLash or RapidLash or Castor Oil to successfully treat patchy eyebrows? I'm really interested in trying it, but is the RevitaBrow really worth 10 x the price of a castor oil?
Is there anything I should look out for with castor oil? (like do they have different grades or qualities?)

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MickCarter Tue 18-Feb-20 14:57:53

For me nothing beats RapidBrow. Castor oil gave me spots and did nothing for my brows but as it’s so much cheaper, it’s probably worth giving it a go because it does work for lots of people.

mathanxiety Tue 18-Feb-20 15:11:17

I like the results with castor oil, can't beat the price.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 18-Feb-20 21:21:41

I have a bit of a gap in my left one, and my brow lady told me to get the Pukka castor oil. It is really gloopy, so use with caution. I did shred a little into one of those pots Boots sells for travel, and apply it with a mascara spoolie she gave me. I’ve only been at it a week or so, but I could swear it is making a difference!

ChiaraMontague Wed 19-Feb-20 09:33:38

Thanks everyone! I’m going to get some castor oil today and give it a go, might as well start with the cheapest and work my way up if that is no good!

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