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Belly fat hang ups on holiday?!

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pbjsandwich Sun 16-Feb-20 14:33:30


After having my little boy 18 months ago I still have tummy hangups and belly fat which I really don't like.

The stretch marks don't bother me and aren't any higher than my belly button and not actually visible that much anymore.

However my belly and love handles are a huge hang up!! Is there anything (aside from weight loss) as I'm trying too lose weight, that can help me feel just that tiny bit more confident on holiday? I'm used to wearing a bikini and not quite caring but this is a big hang up of mine and feel as though il never feel confident to take my cover up off in the sun 😥

Any good bikinis I should go for? I'm not an older mum (26) so something still a bit youngish that won't make me feel like an oldie blush

Thank you in advance!!

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yestonodressyet Sun 16-Feb-20 15:02:40

I'd go for a high waisted one for a bit of support and maybe a halter style to make the focus your boobs if you want attention away from your tummy and I always think a pattern covers a few bumps better than a flat colour.

pbjsandwich Sun 16-Feb-20 15:20:43

Thank you @yestonodressyet smile

Think for this occasion I'll treat myself to a few more "expensive" swimwear items as to not end up with anything that might make me look worse.

Luckily I'm not totally flat chested (34B) so still have a small amount of boob blush

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StarlightLady Sun 16-Feb-20 17:02:07

I’m in my 40s and some wobbly bits have evolved through time. I go for high waisted bikini bottoms, but with cut away sides. That way you can wear somethinhg with more fabric but it still doesn't look as if you are wearing your grandma’s knickers!

Lots of examples on Google images if you search for high waisted cut away bikini bottoms.

Not at home at the moment. PM me if you want more specific details.

FrogsFrogs Sun 16-Feb-20 17:07:09

I wear a one piece and feel v confident in it

I am much older though 😁

Also means can get involved with jumping off inflatables etc without concern of wardrobe malfunction!

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