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Does a treatment exist to help my skin? (Pic)

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sandscript Sun 16-Feb-20 12:09:40

My skin is bumpy all over my face. Does anyone know why? Been like this for a while now and it looks awful!! I'm really self conscious of it. What can I do to get rid of it and make my skin nice and smooth?

Ignore my forehead lines - I'm due some Botox.

I'm only in my early 30s!!!

Name change as I've uploaded a pic.

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Lojoh Sun 16-Feb-20 12:18:18

Is it not milia? Usual approach for milia is to exfoliate with direct acids.

You could start with Lactic Acid morning and evening, then add in a peel eg this sort of thing after a week or so. Maintain with glycolic acid toner and a retinoid at night.

sandscript Sun 16-Feb-20 12:31:37

Thanks @Lojoh ! Don't think it's milia, but will certainly try the products you've recommended smile

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thisenglishlife Sun 16-Feb-20 12:34:42

Are you using a richer moisturiser, treatment, or cleanser (than you usually do)?

Have you been having more dairy, gluten or sugar recently?

Branster Sun 16-Feb-20 13:16:38

There is NOTHING wrong with your forehead lines!!!!
In my case I get those little bumps when I change moisturiser and it doesn’t suit my skin. Heart breaking as I really do spend a lot of time on my skin and I like it to look great. Currently sporting a nice collection of my own having started using a Kate Somerville moisturiser 10 days ago (which will now become a hand cream). Exfoliate and use an acid toner once or twice a week plus a deep cleansing mask once a week. It gets back to normal in no time at all.
Have you changed your hairstyle and have a new/different fringe? I wonder if that might be a cause.

sandscript Sun 16-Feb-20 14:05:28

Probably far too much sugar in my diet. I'm not overweight but I eat a hell of a lot of sugar. Will try to reduce that and see if it makes a difference.

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