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Can anyone offer The Ordinary advice please?

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Loop3x5 Wed 19-Feb-20 20:20:14

You can send them an email, with this info ( and pictures ) and they will recommend which products to try, and in a suggested order too. Mine have just arrived after I did just that

DrMaryMalone Sun 16-Feb-20 10:50:43

After seeing loads of posts on here recommending The Ordinary (along with a few saying they have done nothing for them) I'm considering getting a couple of products to try but struggling to decide what I need to help my combination of skin issues! I have been using an acid peeling mask twice a week for a month now and I like how my skin looks and feels the next day so I think a daily use product or two would help. My issues are:

Nose and chin - lots of noticable sebaceous filaments with occasion dry flaky skin on top
Forehead - persistent dry flaky patch between eyebrows and occasional stress related spots
Cheeks - occasionally hormone related breakouts along jaw which leave red marks which take ages to fade
Eyes - some fine lines plus splodges of excess pigment from my last pregnancy.

To add context I am 36 and don't have sensitive skin. Currently I use a simple moisturising gel wash ( I spend a lot of time outdoors for work and hobbies so can end up a bit grimey so prefer a wash off cleanser!) followed by an Oriflame serum and day/night cream for normal skin.

Any input appreciated.....

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