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Help me find a coat

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Owlsintowels Sat 15-Feb-20 21:15:16

Hi, I'd really love some help, I haven't had a coat I liked in about a decade.

I've just turned 40, I want to become a bit more grown up with my coat. I'm currently in a grubby red hip length puffer jacket, it's fine but doesn't go with all my clothes and isn't really my style, I just got it because it fit and was warm.

I'm after something colourful but not mad, stylish, flattering. I grudgingly admit I will need more than one coat to last me the next decade, so I'm open to ideas for both winter and more summery coats.

I'm a 12-14 with a huge bust which means I normally fit coats better in a 14-16, or else from bravissimo. I'm quite short compared to my boobs so I'm not sure eg trench coat suits me as I don't have enough length under my bust to pull the belt in iyswim

Let's pretend price doesn't matter for now, I buy coats so rarely that I might as well buy one I like even if it is a bit pricier. I probably wouldn't go over £300 happily, but feel free to try and tempt me.

Summery coat - must not be too heavy, I'm a really warm person. I like bomber jacket style, also biker jacket shape. I'd love a nice casual blazer if it worked, but I guess in reality better to have something I can do up rather than flapping around when I'm carrying bags and children

Winter, I like cocoon shapes on me, also fit and flare wool.

I normally prefer jewel colours, definitely nothing pale and no pinks. I'm unsure about camel, tan etc

Hit me with recommendations please!

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