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Fenty/Huda - hits and misses

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Sarcelle Sat 15-Feb-20 11:17:05

Never bought anything from either range, any raves or do not buys?

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gingersausage Sat 15-Feb-20 12:46:43

It depends what you’re looking for. It’s difficult to recommend or write off entire brands without knowing your skin type, aesthetic or expectation of what makeup will do for you.

With Huda, I’ve only tried the eyeshadows. The 9 pan jewel toned and neon Obsessions are lovely to fill in “bright colour” gaps in an eyeshadow collection. The newest Nude Obsessions come in Light, Medium and Rich for appropriate skin tones and are a perfect one and done palette. The older large palettes Desert Dusk, Rose Gold and New Nudes are fabulous, but too much for most people’s day to day needs. The newest large palette, Mercury Retrograde is disappointing, and nowhere near as good as the others.

As for Fenty, I wanted to love the Pro Filt’r foundation because I got a really good colour match, but I found it very drying. I don’t think the primer is that great either, but lots do. They now do a hydrating foundation which I haven’t tried yet. The Killawatt highlighter is gorgeous, but a bit OTT for daily use! I love the Mattemoiselle lipsticks, and I think they are quite underrated in general - I never see anyone mention them much. The eyeshadows are poor quality; low pigment and not enough colour payoff. I think Fenty is generally overpriced - you are definitely paying for the gorgeous packaging and the Rihanna input.

JorisBonson Sat 15-Feb-20 12:48:17

Huda matte lipsticks are amazing in that they do not come off, at all, ever, sometimes even when you want them to, but I find them very drying

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