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Can anyone please help me find this Topshop dress?

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nicky2512 Fri 14-Feb-20 14:50:34

As above! I ordered this dress for dd in an 8 and a 10 as she is between the two and has topshop dresses that fit in both sizes. She loves it but it is really tiny and she would need a 12. I went to reorder and it has gone completely. I have phoned stores and tried lots of different shops online and I just wondered if anyone here would have more luck. Thank you.

nicky2512 Fri 14-Feb-20 15:51:47

Any ideas?

MoltonSilver Fri 14-Feb-20 16:02:12

If its that small fitting, there will be other people, like you, who ordered their usual size but have to return it. Keep regular eye on the website so you can nab a 12 when someone returns it for a 14 or 16.

nicky2512 Fri 14-Feb-20 16:16:58

Thanks MoltonSilver I think that’s probably my only hope.

Scbchl Fri 14-Feb-20 16:22:58

Says there is one in Braehead Glasgow. Have you checked the nasty gal website they have loads of dresses in floral prints. They always have a sale on.

nicky2512 Fri 14-Feb-20 17:18:19

Scbchl thank you very much!

BehindTheGreenDoor Fri 14-Feb-20 23:04:37

I had this and like a pp said keep checking the website - I found a couple of weeks later I managed to get one.

nicky2512 Fri 14-Feb-20 23:32:47

BehindTheGreenDoor Thanks. That would be great so fingers crossed.

polexiaaphrodesia Mon 17-Feb-20 20:18:51

Have you tried Depop? I get loads of stuff from there as the average age of sellers is about 18 and they all seem to wear something once then sell it on again!

nicky2512 Tue 18-Feb-20 12:33:54

polexiaaphrodesia thank you - I have never heard of that before but will have a look. Dressing two teenagers is expensive! I’m not a great shopper and tend to go straight to the big names.
But - I’m so happy!! I have got one. I have kept checking like others suggested and it reappeared a short time ago. So pleased. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me.

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