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strictlyshowbiz Fri 14-Feb-20 13:50:43

Is joules a real no no or is it just a case of avoiding their overtly floral designs??

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ReginaGeorgeous Fri 14-Feb-20 14:04:27

I have a plain navy blue raincoat from Joules which is my 'school run' coat and it is a good quality coat and keeps me dry, and I own a couple of their plain breton stripe harbour tops. I have young children, the tops are fine with jeans for soft play or the park but I wouldn't really wear them anywhere else. Practical clothing, but not exactly stylish!

LilyJade Fri 14-Feb-20 14:10:31

I have a parka style raincoat of theirs for practical reasons- it's navy with sprigs of flowers. Very waterproof & good for all seasons except winter when it's too cold. Bought it in the sale.

I also have a pair of wellies & welly socks. Also got them in the sale, useful for muddy, snowy & icy conditions!

I wouldn't wear their other clothes though as they're generally just not my style.

Countmeout Fri 14-Feb-20 14:26:53

I have a rain type parka and wellies. A couple of Breton style tops but they shrink.
I was given a pair of slippers that are the most comfortable I’ve had.

Ninkanink Fri 14-Feb-20 14:52:53

Nothing is a no no if it’s what you enjoy wearing and a style that you feel comfortable in.

I have a dress in a flora/fauna/wildlife pattern and a cashmere jumper. I also have a tweed blazer jacket and a waxed trench coat.

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