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Should I keep this jumper?

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FuckingHateRats Fri 14-Feb-20 10:46:57

I bought this jumper on impulse on Wednesday and I'm still debating whether to keep or not.

I do really like it but I am concerned it will be hard to style differently and I'll end up wearing it the same and feel unable to wear it often.

Do you think it's worth keeping?

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ZaZathecat Fri 14-Feb-20 10:53:43

I like it, but it would depend how much it cost. If it was not expensive I'd keep it and wear from time to time.

RougeVinEtFromage Fri 14-Feb-20 10:58:59

I don't really like it, I don't think it really does much for you. If you really like it I would wear with heals and dress up, that would look nice.

Jue01 Fri 14-Feb-20 10:59:57

I think it's great, looks fab. Wear it with trousers and flats or tights and ankle/long boots. Love the colour too!

FuckingHateRats Fri 14-Feb-20 11:01:07

It was £40 from Topshop.

I'm trying hard to keep a wardrobe in which everything is usable and versatile... So whilst I love it, I don't know if it fits that bill.

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FuckingHateRats Fri 14-Feb-20 11:02:06

But I think I might be able to wear it with tights and flats to school (I'm a teacher) and also with skinnies and trainers at the weekend.

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halcyondays Fri 14-Feb-20 11:03:07

If you bought it on impulse and aren’t sure, I wouldn’t keep it. Only keep clothes you’re sure about.

puds11 Fri 14-Feb-20 11:04:01

No, I don’t like it. I think you could find something better for £40

Ofthread Fri 14-Feb-20 11:04:58

It's spring soon, I would leave purchases like that until autumn, unless sale.

StarlightLady Fri 14-Feb-20 11:15:04

I like it, but l I would only wear it as a dress.

Craftycorvid Fri 14-Feb-20 11:24:25

It looks like a dress? Nice and I like how you’ve styled with trainers, but dresses tend to only be a ‘one look’ thing as in they are a complete outfit by themselves. If you think you’ll get bored, return it. If you are happy with it as a ‘will look fine on days when I don’t want to have to over-think my clothes’ keep it.

Floisme Fri 14-Feb-20 11:25:17

I like it, but then I don't only want my wardrobe to be useful and versatile. I want a wardrobe that makes getting dressed every morning interesting and fun and, for me, that means making room for clothes that might not get worn quite as often but that pull their weight in other ways.

SuckingDieselFella Fri 14-Feb-20 11:31:40

The hem looks a bit weird and it's too baggy. Not flattering on you.

TheReef Fri 14-Feb-20 11:40:24

I like it, but I'm 5'2" so it would only ever be a dress, heels or posh boots and necklace for 'going out'
Biker boots, trainers for casual
Flats for work

But as another poster said, it's spring soon (although it doesn't feel like it, chances are you've got maybe 2/3 months at a push to wear it before it'll look odd

TwentyViginti Fri 14-Feb-20 11:45:44

I like it, great standby for the cold months. I don't think it will date, and can be worn for years.

TheReef Fri 14-Feb-20 11:46:21

Actually I've had another look, too baggy and too long, it swamps you.

Sooverthemill Fri 14-Feb-20 11:55:14

It's not a jumper, it's a dress isn't it? I don't think it does much for you and ime if I'm unsure I end up not wearing stuff. So take it back and look for something more lovely

YasssKween Fri 14-Feb-20 12:18:30

No use whatsoever but your hair is BANGING smile

Judystilldreamsofhorses Fri 14-Feb-20 12:21:34

No. I bet you have a lovely figure hiding underneath there. I think there are much nicer, more flattering jumpers out there that you would look amazing in.

Ofthread Fri 14-Feb-20 12:25:45

Judging by how it's been in recent years it may only be another 2-4 weeks before we put the winter coats away.

Ofthread Fri 14-Feb-20 12:26:30

But I am in the South!

Branleuse Fri 14-Feb-20 12:29:39

i do kind of like it, but i think your concerns are right and i dont think its very versatile like a shorter length would be, and it drowns you. Its a very specific look

Floisme Fri 14-Feb-20 12:33:18

Yes it's baggy and oversized but I think that's kind of the point: speaking strictly for myself, I don't always want my clothes to show off my figure. If you like that look - and I'm assuming you do as you bought it - then I also think it's a more modern silhouette than the fitted jumper dresses of a few years ago, which means there's a good chance it'll still look current next autumn / winter.

My main reservation is whether it'll wash well cos if baggy turns to saggy then that's never a good look.

FuckingHateRats Fri 14-Feb-20 12:40:25

Thanks all.

I'm in Scotland so I'll probably still need it in July ;)

It's definitely meant to be oversized - I tried on the Small and it didn't look as good.

YasssKween thanks! I wish I could rely on it to behave every day but I do love having wild hair.

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FuckingHateRats Fri 14-Feb-20 12:43:14

To PP - yeah, there are times I wear something tighter and show off more of my figure but also love wearing looser lines. This is definitely not to be flattering but more because I like the style.

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