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Tear trough fillers

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Shookethtothecore Thu 13-Feb-20 21:24:48

I’m on the verge of getting fillers to sort my eye bags out, but I don’t want to waste my money.
I have 3 children under 5 so I’m knackered (baby is 4 months old) and my eyes show it. I’m tempted by the tear trough but I’m wondering that because the lack of sleep is making them look so bad (and I can’t see me getting much more sleep any time soon) will it have an effect? Has anyone had them done and got any advice? I have Botox and lip filler (to even me out, natural looking) and microblading in a place I trust with a dr and great pictures of their work so I’m happy with the person doing it, I’m just after personal experience olease

Elieza Thu 13-Feb-20 21:54:04

Bumping for you as I’d like to know the answer too!

Shookethtothecore Thu 13-Feb-20 22:09:51

thank you!

Shookethtothecore Fri 14-Feb-20 07:48:28

Look like no one has had them @Elieza 😭

Dontsayyouloveme Fri 14-Feb-20 08:23:49

I’ve had them twice, both by a doctor and they are amazing with instant results! I had bad bruising under one eye the first time round but it went obviously! Definitely recommend them to get rid of that tired look!! X

Shookethtothecore Fri 14-Feb-20 09:33:16

@Dontsayyouloveme! Thank you for your reply, really! In 90% ready to book, how long did the results last please? Did it hurt a lot, not that that would stop me 😂

flowerzpowerz Fri 14-Feb-20 11:20:00

No reputable dr will inject directly underneath the eye. They will lift cheeks to minimise the hollows/ dark circles.

There have been cases of blindness from injecting directly under the eye.

Izzydawg Fri 14-Feb-20 17:20:17

I have been looking at this for eye bags apparently it lifts the indented part so the bag is not visible. I have only just opened my mind to fillers or Botox after seeing Marian Keyes on the One Show 😂
I am a complete novice at all this though. There is a dentist near me doing fillers so might book a consultation. I must say the before and after photos on the internet look amazing!
Would love to know how you get on?

Shookethtothecore Fri 14-Feb-20 17:34:13

I have been having Botox and filler for a few years and the results are incredible, I have real natural look but I figure I save money on expensive creams as this gives the results I want and I buy cheaper face creams. I’m a huge fan of it- I will let you know. I’m confident my dr knows what they are doing and all the top clinics do it so I don’t think the risks are too high, it’s more how long the results last vs price for ne

Agirlcalled Fri 14-Feb-20 19:15:24

Had tear trough fillers from a dr . They use a canular . Very nervous but best thing I did. Don't look tired all the time. Have lasted a year so far and still don't need re done.

Shookethtothecore Fri 14-Feb-20 19:54:48

Oh really that’s an excellent result for a year! Did it hurt much? Thank you

MimiLaRue Fri 14-Feb-20 19:57:12

Tear trough fillers are perfectly safe- the poster above is thinking of the elevens. You shouldnt have fillers ABOVE the eyes as it can migrate down and cause potential complications. But underneath the eyes is safe and an effective treatment for hollows. Yes, it can be very effective for under eyes- go to a good doctor and look at his before and after photos

Sugarfreejelly Fri 14-Feb-20 19:59:41

I’ve had mine done. I have very sunken troughs but good mid face volume so that wasn’t the problem for me as a PP suggests. The procedure takes about 2 minutes max for each eye. It’s very quick! It doesn’t hurt, but it just feels a bit weird. I looks super tired before and much less so now. I have a lot of dark pigmentation under my eyes and it masks that a bit, but not completely. No-one knows that I’ve had it done but I definitely look a lot less tired. I’d really recommend it.

MimiLaRue Fri 14-Feb-20 19:59:43

Quote about most risky areas for fillers:

"Secondly, where you get the filler matters. “Certain areas are more at risk than others,” Sejal Shah, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in New York, tells Allure. “The highest risk areas are the area between the eyebrows, the nose, and the nasal region.” In those areas, neurotoxin injections (aka Botox or Dysport) might be the safer choice, adds Zeichner"

barleysugar Fri 14-Feb-20 20:00:36

You absolutely can inject under the eye, what nonsense. There are areas to avoid but a reputable aesthetician will know this.
My only advice would be to have it in two sittings, always go the smallest amount at first as it can swell up. Also make sure you ask for Teosyal as it’s the best one for this area as it doesn’t attract water as much as the cheaper ones.

Sugarfreejelly Fri 14-Feb-20 20:02:28

Oh and I’d would only go to a doctor who specialises in facial aesthetics - I.e. someone who does it full time, not one who does it on the side. It’s trickier to do than Botox or fillers in other areas so make sure you go to an expert.

MimiLaRue Fri 14-Feb-20 20:09:16


Agree! You need someone very experienced to avoid the "Tyndall effect" as misplaced tear trough filler can appear blue when the light hits it if it isn't placed correctly

Shookethtothecore Fri 14-Feb-20 22:16:52

Thank you so much, some great advice- I am absolutely sure I am having it done now, I will speak to my dr this week and see what he suggests and mention teosyal. Thanks everyone

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