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Earrings you can sleep in

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DontFundHate Wed 12-Feb-20 21:59:51

Reading a thread on here a few weeks ago, sleeping in earrings was an idea so that you wake up every day obviously still wearing them, helping you to look put together with zero effort.

What do you all think? And can anyone recommend any? Or any particular styles? I like very plain things, no diamonds etc. Would they have to be a proper metal (silver, gold etc?) so that they don't lose colour in the shower?

Thank you if anyone can help!

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confusednorthner Wed 12-Feb-20 22:01:38

I wear silver studs or hoops always slept in them, didn't realise people didn't....

Greenteandchives Wed 12-Feb-20 22:02:02

I didn’t realise people take them out to sleep. I wear plain gold studs or pearls round the clock. Change to something fancier if going out.

BubblesBuddy Wed 12-Feb-20 22:17:13

Small plain gold hoops are comfortable to sleep in. Gold works for me. After 40 years of pierced ears, silver still makes my ears itch after a few days! Gold studs are also fine but it depends on size. I have solid gold nugget ones at the moment and they dig in a bit.

cowboy Wed 12-Feb-20 22:20:03

You mean people take theirs out at bedtime?! I always wear mine to bed 🤷‍♀️

Mumof1andacat Wed 12-Feb-20 22:26:43

I generally can sleep in any stud type earrings

shinynewapple2020 Wed 12-Feb-20 22:34:56

I have some very small white gold sleeper hoops. They were a bit of an accident - I asked DH to buy me some and envisaged slightly larger hoops . He's a very lazy shopper, a couple of clicks on the internet and didn't even look at them before he gave them to me. But actually they are really useful as I can keep them in all the time and haven't taken them out since I had them (Christmas)

thenightsky Wed 12-Feb-20 22:42:08

I always end up losing the backs off studs as they get caught in my hair or I go to stretch my arms up and catch the backs. Same in the shower.

QuillBill Wed 12-Feb-20 22:48:19

I wear mine all the time as well. Sainsbury’s is good for earrings.

Aderyn19 Wed 12-Feb-20 23:27:43

I can't sleep in earrings - either I lose the butterfly or the post stand me in the head!
Is it really so much effort to take them out at night and put them on in the morning?
I wear different earrings depending upon my clothes.

Corrag Wed 12-Feb-20 23:33:47

I only wear gold or silver stud type earrings so in theory I could sleep in any of them but I also find the posts stab me in the head so I take them out before bed. I quite like the ritual of choosing a different pair in the morning, depending on what I'm wearing. I have lots.

rockingrobin1 Wed 12-Feb-20 23:46:49

I sleep in mine, studs & huggies. If I'm wearing big earrings then I would take them out. I have 5 holes so can't be bothered to take them on & off.

PixieRabbit Thu 13-Feb-20 01:11:34

I miss wearing earrings! Years ago I used to wear little silver hoops in the first holes and then little silver star studs in the second ones.

But I had a habit of pulling them out in my sleep or in the shower. So I ended up losing a back-butterfly thingy, and could never manage to do the hoops up by myself so I gave up.

I also miss wearing shoulder-length danglies, along with a neckerchief and a massive perm.

happymummy12345 Thu 13-Feb-20 01:44:25

I wear studs or small hoops all the time. I even sleep with my cartilage piercings in. Only time i took them out was when I wore big hoops or long drop earrings. I sleep in most of my jewellery though

Worried2020 Thu 13-Feb-20 08:30:13

I wear these little gold hoops 24/7 and don’t even feel them in.

YouJustDoYou Thu 13-Feb-20 08:32:00

I wear tiny gem earrings to bed, I got them from a UK shop on etsy, love them.

JaceLancs Thu 13-Feb-20 13:38:16

I wear plain diamond studs and only take them out if I’m going somewhere special when I change them for diamond drop or hoop earrings

Ifixbrokenthings Thu 13-Feb-20 14:22:13

I don't at all when I realised a few years ago just how many embedded earring backs I remove or how many I've fished out of ear canals of patients. I leave them beside the bed and just put them in as soon as I get up.

Sooverthemill Thu 13-Feb-20 14:23:22

Plain flat gold studs always. Very occasionally change them for slightly fancier small hoops. Doesn't make me look any more put together though...

Housewife2010 Thu 13-Feb-20 17:30:49

I wear the same pair of diamond studs every day. I can't remember the last time I took them out. I had the backs threaded so they wouldn't come lose. Does anyone remember on the original "Dynasty" when women always took their earrings out when they answered the phone?

ItsJustTheOneSwanActually Thu 13-Feb-20 17:33:41

i take mine out - no way would i risk washing a diamond stud down the plughole grin

ItsJustTheOneSwanActually Thu 13-Feb-20 17:34:06

and yes they stab me in the head if i ever forget

SpamChaudFroid Thu 13-Feb-20 17:36:33

I wear huggies (not nappies!shock) all the time. They're hinged in the middle and click into place so they're really secure in the shower etc.

I have these ones.

Italianmeringuebuttercream Thu 20-Feb-20 21:17:16

Maria tash do screw in earrings (plain as well as diamonds). I have one which I never take out. Cant feel it at all

morrisseysquif Thu 20-Feb-20 21:26:08

What about those ones you pull through, no sharp points and no back to lose?

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