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Winter Office Skin - Help!!

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Minesnotahighhorse Wed 12-Feb-20 21:14:11

Does anyone else find their skin is reacting horribly to the combination of cold weather and office air con??

I have dry, sensitive skin that I manage to keep clear and hydrated with a simple, skin care regime (Cetaphil cleanser, LRP Toleriane Ultra, DE Vit C). In the morning it looks and feels fine, I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser to even out any redness. Get to the office, all still good but by mid afternoon it feels tight and uncomfortable and today was really flaky too 😩

I know it’s environment related as I have no problems when I’m not in work. Is my only option to re-moisturise and re-apply make-up throughout the day? Eager to hear tips from anyone else who has this problem!!

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SallieSallow Wed 12-Feb-20 21:25:32

Yes I’ve just been talking about it on another thread, biologique recherche P50 (acid toner) is good for getting rid of flaky/dry patches but it’s very expensive and I don’t think suitable for sensitive skin. Spritzing with a mineral water spray helps with the tight/sore feeling, but I find once the flaking appears there’s nothing really that will get rid of it if you’re wearing makeup other than wash/moisturise/reapply which I don’t really have the time or inclination to do in work. I’m just eagerly waiting for winter to be over grin

Minesnotahighhorse Wed 12-Feb-20 22:20:30

Yes, I think I'm going to have to find the time to cleanse and re-apply as I was really uncomfortable in meetings this afternoon where I felt paranoid about my skin. Such a horrible feeling!

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Turnedouttoes Wed 12-Feb-20 22:25:54

Oh me too. Even my legs are dry and scaly at the moment and I use cocoa butter on them every day. I can’t bear to wear make up as everything just looks so dry on my face. I drinks shit tons of water as well so I have no answers 🤷🏼‍♀️

CrowleysBentley Wed 12-Feb-20 23:32:26

Try adding a hyaluronic acid serum on damp skin, Vichy 89 is quite good. Adding a thin layer of vaseline over nighttime skincare locks in moisture really well too.

Honeybee85 Wed 12-Feb-20 23:35:10

Perhaps add a lovely moisturizing sheet mask a few times per week to your night skin care routine?

Perhaps taking fish oil supplements can help as well to keep the skin smooth from the inside out.

SleightOfMind Wed 12-Feb-20 23:40:30

Can you go without make up? spend the money on good facials/skincare etc and take the plunge.
My skin used to react too but is so much better now.
I use a bit of blush and some eye definition but just skin care on the rest of my face and the difference is amazing.

Minesnotahighhorse Thu 13-Feb-20 11:56:17

honeybee85 That's a great shout re: supplements - I was taking Omega 3 oil capsules for a while and definitely noticed a difference. Need to get back in the habit!

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