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Mammyloveswine Wed 12-Feb-20 20:20:50

Hi lovely lot!

I'm about to order this dress for a hen currently a size 12 after putting weight on.

Prior I've always been an 8-10.

Anyway sizewise I should get m/l going by the website however in other wrap dresses I'm still fitting in my size 10s comfortably. It says "designed for a loose fit".

Has anyone ordered this dress and can give an idea on sizing?

I've an hour glass figure so still quite small in the waist and don't want to look swamped!

I've also just re-joined slimming world so anticipate being half a stone down in the 3 weeks it will be that I wear it...

I think going by the model then I'll need the m/l but know that it's likely the s/m has been pinned in to suit the model!

If I could order both and not have to worry about cost/postage to send back I would!

Also do we think it is glam enough? The theme is black and sparkly so I'm planning on a diamanté bag and big sparkly earrings...strappy high heels too! And curled hair!

I normally wear bodycon but my post baby body isn't what it used to be blush

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fastliving Fri 14-Feb-20 10:01:56

Sorry I've never bought from silk Fred before but can you buy both sizes and send back the one that doesn't fit?

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