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Opinions on these shoes

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happyjack12 Thu 13-Feb-20 22:07:39

have a lok at GEOX - similar but....nicer....

dudsville Thu 13-Feb-20 16:33:51

Poor Sue! I admire she has a style known as hers.

I think these look v comfortable, and they are quite blingy, so unless you're bling they would dress down with plain clothes.

Srictlybakeoff Thu 13-Feb-20 16:08:50

Thanks everyone. I liked them - didn’t love them ( or I would just have gone ahead) Think the Sue Pollard comment most helped me decide grin

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Myimaginarycathasfleas Wed 12-Feb-20 09:37:01

I like the idea of a concealed wedge and I'd wear them for that reason. Not so keen on the snakeskin.

DameXanaduBramble Wed 12-Feb-20 09:31:31

They are very Su Pollard.

fishonabicycle Wed 12-Feb-20 09:26:40

Yep - what atalune said! If you like them and they make you feel good - do it!

Atalune Wed 12-Feb-20 09:24:16

Do you like them? Then buy them.

PurpleDaisies Wed 12-Feb-20 09:18:08

I don’t like them at all, sorry.

Srictlybakeoff Wed 12-Feb-20 09:15:17

I was looking for some new trainers for my holidays and saw these . I love wearing trainers for the comfiness but I am a short arse and they are are not a great look for me.
There did seem to be some “ higher “ trainers around but some were very clumpy. I have size 3 feet so don’t suit that look either.
These are not what I would normally go for at all, but I thought they looked good on. They didn’t have my size in the shop so I haven’t bought them. I would be grateful for folks opinions before I decide whether to send for them as I know I can veer towards “ frumpy” shoes

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