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Shapewear recommendations please!

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Browniee Wed 12-Feb-20 08:46:45

I’m having a very low key civil partnership ceremony in a couple of weeks and need some sucky in pants for under my outfit!

They need to be available in nude, and to give the look of a flatter stomach area. I preferably want something that starts from just under the bra line and is worn like a pair of pants!

I’ve looked on M&S but some of the reviews I’ve read haven’t been great. Also had a look at Spanx but I didn’t know it with that brand they really are the best or if you’re paying for a name? Happy to invest if they really do what they say on the tin!

I’ve not worn any kind of shapewear since about 2008 so would appreciate any recommendations!

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Eledamorena Wed 12-Feb-20 14:40:39

I would recommend Spanx as a brand, they really do hold you in better than others I've tried. They're expensive so I would try on in department stores to see what you like then look online for any on offer. They do last well. I'm always very wary of any shapewear that simply sits very high up e.g. under the bra line... without straps (like bra straps) it inevitably rolls down. I have yet to find any super-duper high waisted knickers/shorts that will hold me in without risking rolling down a la Bridget Jones!

Good luck in the search and congrats on the ceremony!

Browniee Wed 12-Feb-20 21:02:48

Ok thank you @Eledamorena i will check out Spanx! Good tip about trying on first too, potentially might take my dress with me too to get the full effect!

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CatOnABeanbag Wed 12-Feb-20 21:07:08

I bought a slip from m and s to wear under a dress for a wedding and it was amazing. Seriously took about half a stone off me(sadly not literally) and stopped the dress clinging to my bum. Much prefer it to my spanx (although admittedly I bought them about 15 years ago so maybe they've improved the design in the intervening years!)
I'd definitely recommend taking your outfit with you to try them on. And congrats for your ceremony flowers

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