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Please give honest opinions...

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sugarmatches Mon 03-Sep-07 00:11:59

To this coat: source=12&&csppid=324121624

Love it, but worry the embroidery may be a bit much.
Any opinions are appreciated.

littlelapin Mon 03-Sep-07 00:14:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pirategirl Mon 03-Sep-07 00:18:14

love the style, not so keen on the embroidery tho. i think its mainly the colour of it really, stitching, for me .

mamama Mon 03-Sep-07 00:21:40

I don't think I would wear it but I like that it is a bit different.

Mommalove Mon 03-Sep-07 00:23:48

Message withdrawn

Joash Mon 03-Sep-07 00:51:20

A friend has this coat - even worse in 'real-life' than in the piccy.

Desiderata Mon 03-Sep-07 00:53:15

I like the shape, but the white on brown embroidery doesn't work at all.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 03-Sep-07 00:55:43

oh good lord no.

Its awful.

TnOgu Mon 03-Sep-07 00:57:42


Desiderata Mon 03-Sep-07 00:59:23

And I've only just noticed the fucking price ... shock


Hurlyburly Mon 03-Sep-07 01:00:35

IME the things you worry about buying generally turn out to be mistakes.

So if you think it might be too loud, you're already predisposed to feel that way wearing it.

As for my opinion - well erm no. Even the model with glossy swingy hair is having trouble carrying this coat off.

TnOgu Mon 03-Sep-07 01:05:46

< HB - interesting profilesmile >

MrsMarvel Mon 03-Sep-07 01:06:47

You know what happens to white embroidery on the front of a coat don't you...

I say Nul Points.

sugarmatches Mon 03-Sep-07 01:06:52

I know
I really like the shape, collar, colour...everything but the embroidery (and the price!)

hellish Mon 03-Sep-07 01:08:15

love it but not with the embroidery,

twinsetandpearls Mon 03-Sep-07 01:45:42

I love the shape but I think the embroidery is a bit much on the body and sleeves and I am someone who dresses to be noticed.

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Sep-07 09:03:15

Good shape but embroidery is not good I'm afraid.

MrsBadger Mon 03-Sep-07 12:15:47

good shape
bad embroidery

M&S have good funnelneck coats eg here atm - also french connection.

MrsBadger Mon 03-Sep-07 12:19:04

and oasis

CatIsSleepy Mon 03-Sep-07 12:20:43

no way!

jalopy Mon 03-Sep-07 13:10:28

No. The woman looks as if she's had a fight with a sewing machine.

FrannyandZooey Mon 03-Sep-07 13:11:44

Yes I looked at that for a while in the catalogue and then decided it would be far too easy to look a total nob in it. But there is something about it, isn't there? Must be the shape as MrsB says.

MyTwopenceworth Mon 03-Sep-07 13:12:57

I don't like it at all. But then, I'm not very adventurous!!

collision Mon 03-Sep-07 13:14:50

no...will date quickly and you will have to be choosy what you wear it with.

white against brown is a no no

and too expensive


collision Mon 03-Sep-07 13:15:52

The M&S one is nice and a good price too.

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