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Best nail files for gel nails

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FuckingHateRats Sat 08-Feb-20 16:17:56

I get regular gel manicures but I find that if I get a snag in the polish, my nail inevitably breaks further than it would than if I manage to get to it and file down.

I don't really think my current nail files are the best thing for a filing a nail with gel polish - can anyone recommend me one which will do the job and prolong my manicure? Thanks.

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FrankieGoesToLiverpool Sun 09-Feb-20 07:25:17

Two things you need here (I get gel nails done each month and they last four weeks).

Use any nail file - makes no difference to me
Then.... add a coat of clean polish over the top to protect them. Without this your newly filed nails are unprotected as you’ve broken the seal that keeps them from chipping. I use the clear Barry M gelly one. It’s super!

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