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Shock Absorber sizing help

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myidentitymycrisis Fri 07-Feb-20 14:38:13

I bought a Shock Absorber ultimate run bra new on EBay in my usual size
and it’s tiny

I’m a 30f and the band measures 20 inches on the biggest hooks. The cups are unsurprisingly too small

I can’t return it (my fault for not checking) but will probably be able to sell it on.

Can anyone help with what size I should order? I’m not good at bra sizing and usually get measured in Bravissimo and buy the size they say.

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dementedpixie Fri 07-Feb-20 14:52:10

I cannot get the shock absorber sizing right at all. A lot of time they tell you to go up in the band size which i tried but it seemed too big. When I tried the size down it was too small. I will stick with freya and panache instead

gothicsprout Fri 07-Feb-20 19:02:41

Check on the Boobydoo website - they specialise in sports bras, have a general size check advice for each style and will help if you need more specific advice too.

gothicsprout Fri 07-Feb-20 19:04:30

And the SA sizing is odd - I’m normally a 30E but have ended up in 32F recently in their padded run bra (thanks to advice from Boobydoo when I plugged my measurements in).

jcurve Fri 07-Feb-20 19:28:04

I’m a 28E but wear a 32C in Shock Absorber. I’ve bought 30 backs before but they are excruciating.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Fri 07-Feb-20 21:22:58

I'm a 30F and I have this bra! Just went to check the size for you and it's 34DD, which seems to tally with what others are saying smile

KatharinaRosalie Fri 07-Feb-20 21:34:39

yes, at least 1 or even 2 back sizes up

CarrotPuff Fri 07-Feb-20 21:35:16

I've got mine one band size up. I'm 30G usually, do mine's 32G and fits well.

Shirtyllama Fri 07-Feb-20 21:37:48

I buy bigger than normal for SA, and find that after a few months the elastic always seems to go v hard and non stretchy, so they feel even tighter! However....when newish they are brilliant for running, no wobble and very comfortable.

user765 Fri 07-Feb-20 21:38:10

I’m a 34c/ 36c (depending on the brand) and my shock absorber is 36c and feels right. Obviously it feels tighter than my normal bras but without it being restrictive. X

ilovecherries Sat 08-Feb-20 08:46:30

I find with SA I have to go up a band and down a cup. They are still very tight but then they need to be to do the job, but they aren’t painful. But I wear the DD+ version which has thicker padded straps and a wide band so the pressure is better distributed.

Yourejokingme Sat 08-Feb-20 10:06:41

Syrokan from amazon. Half the price. Easier on the shoulders and the straps have velcro, and are excellent for high impact. I'm a 32ff but wear a 34e in syrokan for comfort.
I abandoned shock absorber years ago when I discovered these.

Yourejokingme Sat 08-Feb-20 10:10:38

This one.

myidentitymycrisis Sat 08-Feb-20 16:27:39

Wow thanks for all the advice it’s really helpful.

I’m pretty sure now I should try a 34 DD /F in SA thanks especially
@BlairWaldorfLovesShopping what luck we are the same size!

@gothicsprout I’m definitely checking out Boobydoo, this is what’s so great about MN, I never would have known that site otherwise, and the Syrokan, @yourjokingme, thank you

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dementedpixie Sat 08-Feb-20 16:31:36

Boobydoo is good. I get my sports bras from there. My favourites are freya active underwired and panache ultimate underwired. They do free returns too

BikeRunSki Sat 08-Feb-20 16:33:31

Up in the band down in the cup.

I’m normally 34E. I’m 36D in Shock Absorber.

MrsAgassi Sat 08-Feb-20 16:34:37

I always have to go up a back size and up a cup size in SA.

MakeMineALargeProsecco Sat 08-Feb-20 18:31:48

I use a Freya Active Epic in my usual size.

I don't buy shock absorbers for the same reason

dementedpixie Sat 08-Feb-20 18:33:36

I need a bigger cup in the freya to get the wires to sit properly in between my breasts.

applespearsbears Sat 08-Feb-20 18:58:54

I'm about to try a Decathlon sports bra might be worth looking on there but they also have an odd sizing chart so I emailed them for a size recommendation

OverByYer Sat 08-Feb-20 19:01:56

Same up a band size and down a cup size. They are the best for running bras though

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