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Sunnywaves Fri 07-Feb-20 11:47:24

Can anyone tell me which olaplex product is best to buy for an at home treatment?
It's quite confusing, I am looking at No 3 and No 6 but not sure which is best or do I need both?
Should I buy No 4 and 5 too or is that not really necessary?
I have never had the salon treatment done (No 1 and 2) so am I wasting my money anyway?
I've got colour on my hair and it's in fairly good condition but it could do with a bit of nourishing.

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kiabella Fri 07-Feb-20 11:48:57

I don't know much about it but I use number 6 and it's been a game changer, my hair has grown an inch too

Sunnywaves Fri 07-Feb-20 11:50:59

Thats great to hear. I'd really rather just buy one product as it's not exactly cheap.

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BinkySodPlop Fri 07-Feb-20 11:59:24

I've tried lots, and have it done in the salon often, too - my hair is bleached white, then coloured in rainbow tones, and it sometimes becomes very fragile. To be honest, I don't find much difference with or without it. I have step 2 and 3 at home. I've also tried the 3 inches more version, again, no difference, but it is at least free of silicone, parabens etc.. I have found something that does work for me, but it's a bit odd, and is also from QVC, which I know is off-putting to some. It's the Tweak'd cleansing hair stuff. Works like a face cleanser, as far as I can tell - 1 product to clean and moisturise, but this also detangles and stops breakages. Massively in my case. It used to snap off in handfuls, now it doesn't.

Allycat Fri 07-Feb-20 12:23:14

I once had the Olaplex treatment in a salon. Afterwards my hair began to snap off. I stopped using the at home bonding moisturiser and wouldn't recommend it. I may try the tweaks now though!

Sunnywaves Fri 07-Feb-20 12:28:40

Thanks for the replies. I was under the impression it was the holy grail of shiny swingy hair!
I will have look at Tweak'd now.

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Sunnywaves Fri 07-Feb-20 12:33:36

BinkySodPlop That Tweak'd restore hair treatment has some glowing reviews. I'm especially drawn to the claims reduction of hair loss as my hair is quite thin and definitely falling out more.

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UpToonGirl Fri 07-Feb-20 13:50:05

At xmas time I got the Opalex set from SpaceNK as it was on offer, it had 3 (pre-wash treatment), 4 & 5 (shampoo and conditioner) and 6, pre-blow drying cream. I also bought 7 separately as it wasn't in the set (oil). I really like it all - honestly I've spent (wasted) lots of £ over the years on hair products and been disappointed and always gone back to cheaper brands but I think this is going to be a re-purchase for me. I've only just finished the conditioner but still have lots of the others left as you don't need to use loads.

I can't say my hair looks better (possibly a bit) but it feels stronger and also really soft.

Sunnywaves Fri 07-Feb-20 19:37:27

I will keep an eye out for space nk promotions and probably just get 6 for now.

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NewMommy20 Fri 07-Feb-20 22:34:38

I used no3 really good, apparently the no6 is better. You can leave it on overnight too & wash it off in the morning

Tomatogravy Tue 11-Feb-20 22:36:49

Number 6 is good gives lots of shine and less frizz, number 3 I didn’t find the results much different to my normal pre shampoo coconut oil.

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