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Cloud 9 or God?

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Girlintheframe Fri 07-Feb-20 07:41:51

Ahhh my straighteners have just stopped working this morning. Got Dh to change the fuse but no looks like they are a goner.
Need another pair prompto but not sure wether to go for cloud 9 or the GHD?

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Girlintheframe Fri 07-Feb-20 07:42:16

Hahah not God obviously! GHD

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userxx Fri 07-Feb-20 07:51:51

What are your old pair? I've been using ghd since they first came out, will probably always use them.

Girlintheframe Fri 07-Feb-20 11:15:12

My current pair are GHDs but reviews in them are very mixed

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MayFayner Fri 07-Feb-20 11:17:21

The new ghds are not the same as the old ones. I think the company was sold or something?

userxx Fri 07-Feb-20 13:20:35

Cloud 9 look more expensive. I'd forgotton how bloody expensive straightners are!

GreyHare Fri 07-Feb-20 13:28:10

I brought some Corioliss ones when my last GHD's died as I brought replacement GHD's but they were shockingly awful really tuggy and unpleasant to use.

OhLookHeKickedTheBall Fri 07-Feb-20 13:30:30

The GHD mark IV seem to still have the same decent levels of reviews. My old ones broke, I switched to corioliss and have ended up coming back to GHD Mark IV. The other ghds seem to be getting the worse reviews though. A friend of mine really rates the cloud 9s though, believe they're made by some of the original ghd designers.

rainbowstardrops Fri 07-Feb-20 13:45:41

I was toying with this a few years back and I went for Cloud 9. I've never had any problem with them - love 'em!!!

Girlintheframe Fri 07-Feb-20 14:01:23

Went for the Cloud 9 original in the end as they seemed to get the reviews

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userxx Fri 07-Feb-20 14:06:04

Are they better than the GHD's?

Loop3x5 Fri 07-Feb-20 15:08:45

My original ghd broke and I replaced them - the newer ones are rubbish. I then stood on new ghd and replaced them with cloud 9, ok but not as good as my original ghd ( think they were version 3 - I'd had them years )

Loop3x5 Fri 07-Feb-20 15:09:38

I see you've gone cloud 9 I'd be interested to hear what you think of them

Girlintheframe Fri 07-Feb-20 17:58:44

I will come back and update. Paid for next day delivery so fingers crossed they are here tomorrow otherwise it will be a birds nest do for work tomorrow.

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YouStupidBoy Fri 07-Feb-20 19:14:37

I love my Cloud 9 originals; got some with my Christmas money.

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