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The White Company quality

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SummersMahoosiveClipOnFringe Thu 06-Feb-20 16:14:28

Does anyone else feel that since they switched over to their 'White Label' that the quality and cut of the clothes has changed?

I pick up a fair bit on eBay- their original label and the quality is streets ahead.

Anyone have any decent recommendations for quality plain stuff?

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cheeseomelette Thu 06-Feb-20 21:52:29

Yes. There's a lot of boxy polyester going on. Jumpers with a tiny cashmere content for almost £100.

I only ever buy in the sales but have some lovely, flattering dresses from previous years.

Oly4 Thu 06-Feb-20 22:11:04

I used to love TWC but agree the new stuff isn’t as good. It’s overpriced for not 100% natural fabrics and weird cuts. They used to do amazing thick jersey dresses and beautiful 50/50 wool cotton jumpers.
Now everything is a weird blend with cheaper fabrics.
I don’t shop there half as much as I used to

Igottastartthinkingbee Thu 06-Feb-20 22:14:52

DH got me a White Company dressing gown a few years ago as a replacement for my old fluffy next one. I dread to think what it cost but it isn’t a patch on the old one. Thin, feels like an old towel and always has done.

SummersMahoosiveClipOnFringe Thu 06-Feb-20 23:42:31

Yes- the maxi and tunic dresses of old weren't transparent and washed brilliantly. A lot of their jumpers are no way near as good nowadays and the cashmere is flimsy.

I have stuff from their old label that still looks good as new and holds its shape.

Anyone know of a company similar to how they used to be?

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eyemask Thu 06-Feb-20 23:47:19

The only things I really buy now are children's clothes and diffusers. Much like everything else these days, price up (or similar) but quality down.

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