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Any 50 something skin care gurus help my routine?

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RhubarbisTops Thu 06-Feb-20 09:36:52

I'm early 50's, OK skin, a bit rough but probably had too much sun in my youth.
Not a stranger to Botox for 11's and crows feet every 6 Months.
I've decided it's time for an overhaul. Does this sound right?

Vitamin C and SP30 in the day
Some serum, Hyaluronic night cream with an oil over the top.
Have been given a tester of Retinol drops but not started yet as going to mountains and will have a lot of UV exposure.

I had a lovely facial a few weeks ago and this is what the beautiful, peach skinned 20 year old therapist recommended.

What actually makes a difference?

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Girlintheframe Thu 06-Feb-20 17:06:41

That sounds good. Only things I would add are Hyluronic acid serum during the day and using a glycolic toner which would help with your skin texture

Atreus Thu 06-Feb-20 17:09:35

Have you had a look at this series of threads? ...I unashamedly lurk there and have picked up tons of great advice

🐌 Fantastic Skincare: Is Everyone Having Botox Without Me? 💉

RhubarbisTops Thu 06-Feb-20 18:20:30

Thank you. @Girlintheframe is there a specific serum you'd recommend? I forgot that I've got a REN acid toner that I'm going to start using. @Atreus, I did have a read but they're so on it on there I was a bit intimidated, will try again.

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Girlintheframe Thu 06-Feb-20 20:20:43

NIOD multi molecular Hyluronic acid is my fav.

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