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Do I look like a movie theatre usher?

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Blazerdilema Wed 05-Feb-20 17:56:53

I'm trying to branch out of black blazers and have gone for green.

But I feel like I'm wearing a uniform of some sort?!

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managedmis Wed 05-Feb-20 18:11:08

We do need a pic to make an informed decision

Blazerdilema Wed 05-Feb-20 18:20:45

It would help wouldn't it blush

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DobbyTheHouseElk Wed 05-Feb-20 18:25:32

No you don’t.

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 05-Feb-20 18:26:06

I like it. I try not to wear all black, but once I'm in my black coat with black trousers and shoes it's all black hmm

ShirleyPhallus Wed 05-Feb-20 18:27:26

You don’t look like you work in a movie theatre, but it does look a bit bland or like a uniform. The green is too close to the black colour and I think the neck is too high.

Have you got a white top you could try instead?

Janaih Wed 05-Feb-20 18:28:35

No you don't. And I was hoping you would because it sounded funny. Nice jacket .

TSSDNCOP Wed 05-Feb-20 18:34:29

I was waiting to see a tray round your neck and a cap worn at a jaunty angle.

So no.

Which I’m a little sad about tbh.

DobbyTheHouseElk Wed 05-Feb-20 18:34:44

Burgundy jacket and a bow tie and then you will.

StrikingMatches Wed 05-Feb-20 18:34:54

I think you look great. Love the boots and the fact the green is in contrast to the black.

Blazerdilema Wed 05-Feb-20 18:52:25

Oh no! Now I feel like such a let down. By pure coincidence I am going to the cinema now (outfit is for work tomorrow) so will stealthily procure a tray and some popcorn to eat sell.

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lotusbell Wed 05-Feb-20 20:01:23

I think it looks fab!

RitaTheBeater Wed 05-Feb-20 20:04:50

Was hoping for wide red and white stripes! Like a popcorn box. 🍿

DukeOfEarlGrey Wed 05-Feb-20 21:11:54

No, you look nice. Could you take another pic holding lots of little tubs of ice cream and a torch?

Janaih Thu 06-Feb-20 08:52:52

With the profit margins on popcorn, that's a genius idea grin

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