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After bob - what next? Hair not person

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Sarcelle Wed 05-Feb-20 08:35:58

I have a haircut that is not dissimilar to the photo.

Disclaimer - photo is not me! I wish.

My hair is a similar shade, and length to the photo. It has just been cut, won't get done again for the next few months. I have had layers for years which did not suit my hair, so now finally it is all one length so I am happy about that. However I see this do as a stepping stone to something else - although my hairdresser keeps pushing me to have it like this. (I have had a personal recommendation from somebody on here for a hairdresser in central London so will probably go elsewhere next time.)

So, what can I have? The bob makes me feel a bit "tidy and sensible" but am at a loss what to do with it. I am early 50s with a roundish face, so the bob is not doing my face any favours. I want to look a bit more youthful and undone, but without looking baglady.

Any suggestions for a slightly round faced, mature, dark blonde, one length head of hair?

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Sarcelle Wed 05-Feb-20 08:36:49

Here's the photo!!

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