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What product do I actually need for my hair?

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Mumski45 Tue 04-Feb-20 16:53:43

Frizz ease serum is great for frizzy hair. I also use the moose and a diffuser dries it in 5 mins.

Hoppetyflop Tue 04-Feb-20 16:50:21

@damnthatanxiety i didnt know that about coconut oil, I've used it a few times after holidays for a couple weeks and its just got it back to a good state. But yes, as with everything caution is implied!!!

damnthatanxiety Tue 04-Feb-20 16:45:00

Be careful with coconut oil. It is a funny oil. It can be good for some hair and uber drying for others. Google it. Then maybe try a little first.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 04-Feb-20 16:42:47

L'Oréal Extraordinary hair oil.

You need the Revlon One Step😉

EdinaMonsoon Tue 04-Feb-20 12:22:21

Aveda Be Curly range is excellent. I have wavy hair which I often leave to air dry. I highly recommend their "Curl Enhancer" product. I also used to use their Style Prep as a first step (after washing) but I don't bother now. The shampoo & conditioner is also worth the investment.

Hoppetyflop Tue 04-Feb-20 08:01:23

Have you considered a deep conditioner treatment weekly? Something like coconut oil left on overnight can do wonders to frizz and shine.

Also I know a girl who puts mayo and egg mask in her hair twice a month and she has the most amazing hair!

mynameiswah Tue 04-Feb-20 01:33:58

I use Garnier Hair Food, as a leave in conditioner after washing and air dry with it. It's quite moisturising so I only use it on the ends. My hair is wavy and very fine, so very frizzy, and I find using a moisturising product 'weighs' it down so helps prevent it flying about all over the place. I find mousse and gel drying personally but you might have to experiment to find out what works for you.

RacheyCat Tue 04-Feb-20 01:00:26

How long is your hair? Mine is just past my (very small) boobs, and I find the Aussie oil, or the OGX argan oil applied to towel-blotted damp hair is enough. At shorter lengths my hair is much frizzier, almost like a triangle, but long like it is now, it's silky and wavy. I know it's not a very quick fix, but it's much more manageable since I grew it out.

chickenwednesdays Mon 03-Feb-20 23:00:45

I have wavy hair. I'm bored of trying to straighten it, so I'm planning to just leave it to dry naturally from now on and have it wavy. What product should I be using to stop it from going frizzy, but still keeping it soft?

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