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How many serums in skincare routine?

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candycanesxo Mon 03-Feb-20 06:19:57

Hiya I'm just after some advice 🥰 I'm 26 and currently using the Estée Lauder night repair serum and am wanting to up my routine in anti age department am seeing few line around eyes and forehead ... I'm hearing Retinol is good? I have seen a retinol serum and am wondering how many serums do we need in a skin care regime??

Do I need both? 🤔
Thank you X

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VanCleefArpels Mon 03-Feb-20 07:33:36

Firstly, please don’t fall for the terrible “anti aging” terminology. We cannot stop/prevent/slow down aging, which by definition we are all doing by the hour. And I say that as someone old enough to be your mother.

But to answer your question, I use 4 serums every day. Morning Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, evening Retinol and CoQ10

If you do start using retinol you must use a daytime spf as it makes your skin more susceptible to UV

Girlintheframe Mon 03-Feb-20 08:13:43

I use Hyluronic acid in the morning followed by moisterizer and sun screen.
Evening Hyluronic acid again, vit c then moisterizer and oil on top

MyuMe Mon 03-Feb-20 08:18:24

26 hmm

You don't need anti aging anything at that age. I don't even use anti aging now at 40.

There is one utterly essential thing most people forget when choosing the latest expensive lotions and potions and it is literally all you need.

It has kept my skin looking years younger and in great condition without an luxury brand serum ever having been used.

MyuMe Mon 03-Feb-20 08:34:41

Retinol and Hyluronic acid are not meant to be used before age 30 for good reason.

SPF 40 year round since my late 20s. That's my weapon.

All of skin damage and aging comes from UV damage. There's no good trying to undo it once it's done because you cant.

candycanesxo Mon 03-Feb-20 08:43:28

Thank you everyone smile yes I quess will not bother with the retinols as you say I'm still young 🤪😂 X just thought I needed them ....
Thanks for the help

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ClientQueen Mon 03-Feb-20 09:11:10

If you're a smoker or sunbathed a lot you can start retinol earlier

candycanesxo Mon 03-Feb-20 09:12:09

I'm not a smoker and not been much of a sun worshiper so there's hope 😂 X

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MyuMe Mon 03-Feb-20 09:42:38

UVA Ray's are present year round even in winter and cause most of the aging.

qazxc Mon 03-Feb-20 12:52:10

In your twenties, it's prevention not cure you need. So SPF, everyday. You need a separate SPF than your moisturiser as the ones in moisturisers aren't high enough. I use Anthelios XL, it's factor 50 and tinted so evens out my skin tone too.

professionalnomad Mon 03-Feb-20 16:09:43

Hyluronic acid int he morning
2.5% retinol in the evening
I only do this 5 days a week though
At the weekends I give my skin a break and slap up on an overnight mask (usually the Origins Drink-Up intensive)

Nogoodwithgoodbyes Mon 03-Feb-20 16:15:27

Do ye recommend any particular brand of hyaluronic acid? What's it meant to be good for?

Bloomburger Mon 03-Feb-20 16:19:14

Drink loads of water. Get loads of sleep and bin the ELNR. My aunt is a consultant for them and has been using it her whole life and I can't see any benefits.

Beauty Pies serums and retinols are good as are their daily moisturisers and sun screens (which you'll have to use if using retinol).

I've gone from spending £££ on Lancôme to £ on beauty pie stuff and have been asked if I've had Botox.

Nogoodwithgoodbyes Mon 03-Feb-20 16:23:04

Beauty Pie - never heard of them - cheers, great tip!

averythinline Mon 03-Feb-20 16:26:41

spf at least 30 - but make sure you take vit d as well especially in the winter.....

water, enjoying life, not being too thin...
a good diet with beta carroteanes/ dark green veg/fish or take fish oil supplements/vit e

a dermatologist said after spf/healthy diet the only thing that made a dif was vit c - but that it needed to be a certain % but also when older than you are!

VanCleefArpels Tue 04-Feb-20 10:53:47

@Nogoodwithgoodbyes look up Caroline Hirons who has great info on her website about active ingredients and what they are good for. And I second @Bloomburger re Beauty Pie. Most of my skincare is BP now, lovely stuff and at 50 my skin has never been better (some makeup also good)

TattiePants Tue 04-Feb-20 12:03:31

Take a look at the long running skincare threads. There are links in the OP to information sheets that are really helpful. The Anti-Ageing sheet gives suggestions of products that you could use, depending on your age.

EatenByDinosaurs Tue 04-Feb-20 12:25:10

A considerable amount of my friends started on Tretinoin (prescription strength retin-A) in their teens, albeit for acne then, and are still on it now at 40+.
There is a stark difference between their skin and those who started Tretinoin in their 30s, 40s etc - myself included. I am stunned at the difference retin-A has made to my skin, truly a miracle product.

My dermatologist and all the other derms I know are very strongly pro starting Tret as early as possible as it is proven to greatly slow and to a point reduce the signs of ageing.
Retin-A is actually the only thing proven (over decades) to work to slow signs of ageing..

As others have said you do need to take sunscreen seriously if you're using any kind of retin-A/retinol though.

Nogoodwithgoodbyes Sun 09-Feb-20 08:59:21

How can you get tretinoin? I hear it’s prescription only. I don’t think I could ask my GP for a prescription to get rid of my wrinkles (but I’m tempted) grin

EatenByDinosaurs Sun 09-Feb-20 09:19:27

Nogoodwithgoodbyes grin I live in the US and it's easier to get here, but I think in the UK you can get it online from Dermatica or order it from Geoff's Pharmacy (think they're eBay) or from a Spanish pharmacy.

There was a thread the other day called something like "Tretinoin I know its been done to death" which some UK folks gave details on where they get it.

Nogoodwithgoodbyes Sun 09-Feb-20 12:06:48

Thank you. flowers

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