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Handbag help

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HarryRug Sun 02-Feb-20 20:34:07

Need a work handbag that goes with suits, not navy or black bag but would go with navy or black suits. Like bag can wear on shoulder. Maximum £500. Medium size to hold small iPad, purse, diary, pen, phone, keys, small make up bag. All ideas welcome. Thanks.

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Goawayquickly Sun 02-Feb-20 20:41:23

Tan might be good or a wine colour? Do you like slouchy or structured bags? I love Coach but I’m also liking some Ralph Lauren bags at the moment. Something like this tote?

I love prairie satchels and am trying not to buy another

HarryRug Sun 02-Feb-20 20:44:50

@Goawayquickly both lovely thank you. Maybe too large? Your colour suggestions are spot on.

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Goawayquickly Sun 02-Feb-20 20:50:48

The prairie satchel is a compact, neat bag. I have it in aubergine and I’d love a couple more but Coach bags are good quality and there’s plenty more styles.

HarryRug Sun 02-Feb-20 20:52:24

@Goawayquickly I have the tap measure out now looking at dimensions of Coach bags. Thank you so much. I hadn’t thought of Ralph Lauren and some of those are beautiful. You’ve been a huge help. Thank you.

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SpeckledyHen Sun 02-Feb-20 20:53:47

One of the best sellers of pre-loved bags in the country.

Ninkanink Sun 02-Feb-20 20:55:12

Tan and burgundy are lovely options to go with navy and black. Red would also work well, as would a dark yellow or dark green. It really depends on what colours you tend to wear - I feel it’s nice if your whole look is well considered. Although you can get away with just your outerwear/bag/scarf/footwear coordinating well.

I would go to Aspinal. Their bags are great quality, their designs are very good, and they have so many lovely colours to choose from!

Goawayquickly Sun 02-Feb-20 20:57:01

I actually wish I hadn’t opened this thread, I have the prairie in my basket and it’s £118 with the promo code 😩😊

Ninkanink Sun 02-Feb-20 21:03:37

Or if a non-leather tote would work there are some options at Mulberry!

HarryRug Sun 02-Feb-20 21:40:18

Ladies you are all stars. So many lovely options. Thank you.

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Ninkanink Sun 02-Feb-20 21:57:18

😊 Love a handbag thread!

They’re not to everyone’s taste but I do like the Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir (the leather version).

MinesaPinot Mon 03-Feb-20 09:22:03

Just jumping in to say I love the Coach Prairie Satchel. I bought one in navy in the sale, and am very tempted to get one in black.

Bought myself a Coach purse at our local outlet centre at the weekend. I think they are my new favourite bag brand.

HarryRug Mon 03-Feb-20 19:36:26

Many thanks everyone for your helpful comments.

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ClientQueen Mon 03-Feb-20 19:48:43

@Goawayquickly what's the promo code?

Goawayquickly Mon 03-Feb-20 19:52:05

It was Extra20 but it appears the sale is over, I decided to sleep on it and the bag is back to full price unfortunately. Next time!

HarryRug Tue 04-Feb-20 12:06:34

Has anyone recently been to Mulberry and/or Coach in Bicester Village and would you say it’s worth a trip there?

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Ninkanink Tue 04-Feb-20 12:16:01

I’ve not been. But from what I’ve heard it’s certainly possible to bag a great bargain. You have to be willing to consider the more outlandish or seasonal styles/colours, though, as I think the classics in colours like tan don’t come in often. I should really go, because it’s not far from me and I love slightly unusual bags/colours.

Otherwise this is a great shop for authenticated pre-loved luxury bags:

Ninkanink Tue 04-Feb-20 12:17:16

I would be sooooooooo tempted to get this one, if I were in your shoes right now!

jeremypaxo Tue 04-Feb-20 12:18:12

I don't think the quality of Mulberry in Bicester is as good as normal Mulberry. They manufacture bags specifically for outlet stores and they're not as soft or well made IME.

HarryRug Tue 04-Feb-20 12:29:28

@Ninkanink that website is wonderful. Am so torn and wondering if I should delay a little to up my budget? grin

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ReginaGeorgeous Tue 04-Feb-20 12:42:38

I've bought from the Coach main collection and from outlets and there is no difference in the quality.

I last went about three months ago and bought a bag for summer virtually identical to this, except mine has got an additional zip for a small pocket on the front under the coach branding. I paid £170 for it.

Have a look at Kate Spade for satchel type bags too.

Ninkanink Fri 21-Feb-20 14:57:09

@HarryRug Have you found the one yet or did you decide to up the budget?

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