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Blonde hair

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mnthrowaway202020 Sun 02-Feb-20 13:23:22

Anyone else a bleach blonde?

How long does it take before you need a colour or toner refresh? How long does it take before your hair starts to turn brassy?

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Thinkle Sun 02-Feb-20 17:59:37

I can go 6-7 weeks but that’s part due to the short cut needing doing. It doesn’t go too brassy as I use a good blue shampoo. Some toners last longer than others too, e.g. for me pinks last longer than lilacs
Also, wash it as I frequently as possible el

mnthrowaway202020 Sun 02-Feb-20 19:14:16

See - my hair literally turns brassy within a few washes and I’m not sure why.

The attached pic is 2-3 weeks difference so I would say about 2 washes a week? It most lightning it just looks brown rather than blonde. And yes I have silver shampoos and masks etc but it never really works that well once the toner fades.

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RacheyCat Mon 03-Feb-20 00:28:55

Mine goes brassy really easily too. I add a bit of purple dye to conditioner and apply it to dry hair before I wash it and that keeps it icy cool. Don't find purple shampoos, regardless of the brand, are nearly as effective.

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