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Lovely dh sent me on a shopping trip today and I bought...............................

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mumtodd Sat 01-Sep-07 22:45:21

NOTHING!!!!!! Help, what do you do when you know what clothes suit you but no shops have them? I wouldn't say I'm the easiest person to shop for being 5'3 and a 16/18 but I always managed to find nice things in the past. Today I really needed to find some nice jeans/cords or any trousers really and couldn't find a single pair that were half way decent on me. Too many skinny jeans or those slouchy kind and there didn't seem to be any cords or casual trousers at all. All those smock style tops make me look 5 months pregnant. The dress over jeans look just doesn't suit me. I tried all the shops available to me: Next, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, New Look, Evans, Monsoon and didn't find anything. I think I'm going to have to try online. Any suggestions?

binkleandflip Sat 01-Sep-07 22:46:32

La reodute have nice unusual stuff

firstmum45 Sun 02-Sep-07 09:17:23

Hi mumtodd I now just how you are feeling.

I have been on several trips and have come back with nothing.

However last week I managed to find some jeans that looked ok from next.

I,m only 5' and in size 14 bottoms 12 tops depending on manufacturer. Next petit fit were ok for me.

The problem is you have to spend so much time trying things on these days because every garment seems to have a different size. So just because a size 14 in one top fits you cannot even presume a different top from the same shop will fit you in that size.

Plus shopping just depresses me I'm 10kg heavier since having my dd that was 2.5 years ago my stomach is like a bag of potatoes so nothing is going to make me look drop dead gorgeous.

However I have to shop for what I look like now and stop dreaming about my pre pregnancy size 10 body.

Good look if you do find something suitable let us know because finding clothes for shorter ladies that are not frumpy is a difficult task.

littlelapin Sun 02-Sep-07 09:19:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hideehi Sun 02-Sep-07 10:12:32

I bought some from Laura Ashley and Wallis last year but at 31 I don't feel ready for cords, they looked nice enough.

LucyJones Sun 02-Sep-07 10:14:10

did you try Debenhams? I've often found trousers in there when nowhere will fit!

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