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another bra question-need one to wear with my wedding dress!

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divastrop Sat 01-Sep-07 21:05:56

i am getting married on october 20th.i need a bra to wear with my dress( the dress ),which is very low cut.

i am a 34DD,i expect to stay that size now as i have only 4lb of pregnancy weight left to lose,i am ff,and my periods returned 4 months ago.

however,the nearest bravissimo to me is in manchester,so that is out of the question,and the only shops that sells half-decent bras in this town is debenhams.they have a fitting service but i think its a tape-measure job.

i need to be comfy and not be afraid if falling out,but i want to look nice as well.

lojomojo Sun 02-Sep-07 00:44:14

If you can't take your dress, could you print a copy of this picture of the web so that you can take the pic to the fitting. If you get a decent fitter she will try her utmost to help you, just a thought could you pre book an appointment with the head fitter.

meandmy Sun 02-Sep-07 04:08:32

call bravissimo they do over phone consultations, you could send them email with the pic your dress then order few try send back al thats no good!

divastrop Sun 02-Sep-07 10:08:36

thanks!i didnt know they did phone consultations at bravissmo.

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