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so the shoes that i love and have been saving up for in Schuh DON'T fit.

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Low heel, Yoda bar court.

i wnat them.
i've wanted them FOREVER. i'm saving up my BOO money in Paypal for them and now they don't farking fit. 6 too small. 7 too big. no half sizes.

SO! where can I find another pair that are similar but that I can pay with Paypal??

superalienstitch Sat 01-Sep-07 10:55:41

well,depends on the shoe doesnt it?
link needed

you can't link to specific shoes on the schuh page.
they're in the Low heel section. then show all. very last pair.

superalienstitch Sat 01-Sep-07 11:02:07

gorgeous,but i'm sure you can find something like that in the other shops.
try dolcis etc.

ScoobyDooooo Sat 01-Sep-07 11:03:36

Why not buy the size 7 & get an insert to make them smaller IYKWIM? or are they waaaay to big?

Fireflyfairy2 Sat 01-Sep-07 11:04:59

Aw they're gorgeous! Love the green in them! What colour were you getting?

i was just goig to get black (YAWN). because i already have a pair of green shoes (not the same ones obviously)
they are big enough that my heel slides out. I can get the 6s on but my toes are a bit crunches and there's some weird skin folding thing on the top of my foot.
no sexy toe cleavage for me.

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