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Knee length boots for skinny calves - BARGAIN!!!I

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KerryJ Thu 30-Aug-07 20:54:33

I am practically brimming over with joy at having found some amazing bargain boots, which actually fit my super freakishly skinny (31cm) calves!! Okay, I know there's Duo Boots, but for someone on a super tight budget these might just fit the bill...

Here they are

I got them in brown - they don't look great in the photo, but are lovely on, honest

FrannyandZooey Thu 30-Aug-07 21:01:10

Oh snap! I'm like you Kerry, and La Redoute always have cheap boots which are usually right for skinny calves. I just bought this pair myself ;)

I also got \link{ CompanyId=R&&source=4\these, on which you can adjust the width via the laces

FrannyandZooey Thu 30-Aug-07 21:01:31

oh dear

I am tired

KerryJ Thu 30-Aug-07 21:05:37

Ohhh yes they're nice too, but would probably still look like wellies on me. I HATE having skinny legs, I feel like a bloody golf club. So, you got the same ones as me? In brown? Lovely aren't they? I'm sooo pleased with them.

FrannyandZooey Thu 30-Aug-07 21:08:29

I ordered them in brown, but sent back for the black ones instead, as I have the brown converse ones.

My calves are 33 cm, and the Converse don't look like wellies on me. You can adjust them to fit whatever size calf as the laces can be as slack or as tight as you want.

KerryJ Thu 30-Aug-07 21:11:16

Hmmmm I'm now seriously tempted. Thanks. Have you tried the site for discount codes? You can search by retailer and there are usually lots of La Redoute ones on there (most recent one I used was for £5 off, plus free delivery - so I got those boots for £14!)

NineUnlikelyTales Thu 30-Aug-07 21:14:57

Oh I can see a whole new world of boots opening up before me, boots in which my legs don't look like twiglets draped in toilet roll. Thanks for the link, I like the boots and will be ordering pronto.

FrannyandZooey Thu 30-Aug-07 21:15:29

Yup me too

Converse ones came up as £95 - still ruddy expensive but they will see me through a couple of winters I hope

FrannyandZooey Thu 30-Aug-07 21:16:03

sorry should have said I used a 20 or 25% off code - will hunt for it

FrannyandZooey Thu 30-Aug-07 21:17:49

can't find it but loads on here

KerryJ Thu 30-Aug-07 21:31:17

Wow - fantastic site and there's quite a bit more I want to order so they'll come in handy!!

NineUnlikelyTales glad the link proved useful - it can be pretty depressing to be a skinny calved minnie as every store seems to do wide fitting boots, but none for us!!

Tatties Fri 31-Aug-07 15:37:47

I was just going to start a thread about boots (skinny calves here too)
Thank you for links smile

Tatties Fri 31-Aug-07 15:47:27

I like the look of these - voila! I can never tell what they'll look like on though...

Tatties Fri 31-Aug-07 15:50:57

Like these too...

chocolatedot Fri 31-Aug-07 16:39:57

This is fab - I'm another string bean. Out of interest, does anyone know other retailers (besides Duo) who do slim stretchy boots? Boden, LK Bennett, Jones etc are miles too big for me.

FrannyandZooey Fri 31-Aug-07 17:47:59

I tried both of those Tatties but they were too narrow for my feet

flat feet and skinny calves - great hmm

Tatties Fri 31-Aug-07 18:11:45

Ah bugger my feet aren't particularly narrow either

FrannyandZooey Fri 31-Aug-07 18:18:01

The first pair the OP linked to are fine for me, Tatties

flightattendant Fri 31-Aug-07 18:22:11

I can't link but got the marbled ones in 'beige'...109 reduced to 76 with a code!!!

F& your cons! smile

KerryJ Fri 31-Aug-07 20:16:46

Tatties, both of those look nice - can't believe I didn't see those before!! La Redoute really are a life saver at the mo and have some lovely Autumn/Winter stuff in their collection. I feel a grand shopping spree coming on.

Chocdot, I don't know of any retailers other than Duo who cater for varying calf widths. I did find another site once which did the same styles as Duo but were slightly cheaper (will try to find link). Got the Duo newsletter today and apparently they have new styles available, but haven't looked yet.

Out of interest, have any of you with slim calves ever ordered from them, and what did you think? I've been tempted lots in the past but their returns policy puts me off (you have to pay the postage, which I would guess to be fairly pricey on a pair of heavy boots, particularly with tracking / insurance).

chocolatedot Fri 31-Aug-07 20:51:00

Thanks KerryJ, I'm going to order some La Redoute ones too. I just can't quite take the plunge with Duo, they are expensive and they don't do half sizes. If I'm spending that much, I#d really like to try them first.

KerryJ Fri 31-Aug-07 21:10:21

Oh, heaven help me, I'm in love

JackieNo Fri 31-Aug-07 21:15:39

Can't help with the skinny calves (I have the opposite problemgrin), but yes, returns to Duo do cost an arm and a leg - I think it was about £6shock. But if you are near/can get to Bath or London, they have shops there - and more opening in Edinburgh and Manchester.

BonyM Fri 31-Aug-07 21:22:32

I can't recommend Duo - I ordered some last year and although they were fine around my calf they were really baggy around my ankles so I had to send them back. Not sure I'd order from them again - wish they had a shop nearby so that I could try them.

Won't help anyone here, but I bought some gorgeous boots in Menorca this summer - they fit like a glove on my skinny legs! grin

JodieG1 Fri 31-Aug-07 21:27:37

I had to go and measure my calves then, mine are 30 cms.

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