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Moisturiser for acne prone skin

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Ansumpasty Mon 13-Jan-20 20:04:10

Recommendations, please!

I’m 33 and have had acne for years. It’s mostly down to a couple of spots with the treatments I use, but the state of my skin is awful. It’s very oily, but dry, with scars and enlarged pores. To make matters worse, I’m beginning to get wrinkles.

I need to start moisturising and using eye cream, but every one I try gives me spots.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Bananaman123 Mon 13-Jan-20 20:12:50

I have pily, spot prone skin but some dry patches too. Ive started watching james welsh on youtube, he has good advice and also Hyram is good.

I use a good face wash in morning (way to go by temple spa), then ive started using the ordinary niacinimide with zinc, temple spa eyecream but i really rate neutrogena eyecream too and neutrogena water gel, its light, hydrating and doesnt clog pores.still looking for best spf.

At night i use aldi vit c wash, elizabeth arden retinol (not every night just when i feel i need it) then moisturiser changes depending how my skin feels, i like lumene or clarins and am really into glow recipe watermelon moisturiser then the mask on top.

Lighteninginabottle27 Mon 13-Jan-20 20:18:22

I've been taking collagen supplements to help the scarring post acne. I've been taking them for about 3 months and suddenly I've noticed a huge difference. I've also noticed some other scars have significant improvement too, one was very thick and ridgy and now it's much less so.
I'm also using Avene therme aqua gel moisturiser. I've found gel creams work better for me. Although my skin can be dry, heavier creams block my pores. Also BHA 1% from Paula's choice is amazing. I only use it every few days to avoid irritation.

Ansumpasty Mon 13-Jan-20 20:20:22

Thanks! I have to use proactiv with benzoyl peroxide in and every time I try to come off it, my skin gets horrific.
I use the ordinary niacinimide, but haven’t noticed any difference, have you?

Ansumpasty Mon 13-Jan-20 20:21:33

Thanks @Lighteninginabottle27, do you mind sharing which brand of collagen you are taking? I will look into that moisturiser!

TimeToPullMyHairOut Mon 13-Jan-20 20:22:40

My skin is exactly like yours op. I use epiduo and the bp really makes my skin dry and flakey despite it still pouring oil out.
I now use CeraVe moisturising cream and love it. I was skeptical at first as it’s quite thick looking but it’s not greasy at all and sinks in in a couple of minutes and does not give me more spots like lots of other moisturisers have done. It’s not fragranced which I think helps as I think fragrance upsets my skin.
I too am hitting my thirties and need to start investing in a good eye cream etc, will put that on my to do list 😂

KatieRobin Mon 13-Jan-20 20:24:08

Active moist by Dermalogica. Very good, as is their skin clearing face wash

Ansumpasty Mon 13-Jan-20 20:29:40

@TimeToPullMyHairOut Thanks! Is it the moisturising cream that says for hair and body? I’ve seen this recommended but was put off by the ‘body’ part!

@KatieRobin Thanks, I have that but it seems to be triggering spots! Can’t win!

Miseryisabutterfly Mon 13-Jan-20 20:30:43

I find la roche posay cicaplast baume b5 works well for me. Certainly doesn’t aggravate my skin.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 13-Jan-20 20:37:59

Have you seen the gp about this?.

Ansumpasty Mon 13-Jan-20 21:40:48

@Fluffycloudland77 so many times over the years. I’ve been offered roaccutaine but it’s not for me. It’s the moisturiser I want help with now, rather than the acne. I’ve exhausted all avenues with that

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 13-Jan-20 22:00:34

I had roaccutane at 41, after years of grumbling persistent acne it went full on cystic and my face was on fire.

I’d turned it down at 31yo.

ImportantWater Mon 13-Jan-20 22:02:46

I had awful acne in my 20s and early 30s. I found Body Shop’s Vitamin E moisturiser was good. I still use it.

silver1977 Mon 13-Jan-20 22:49:17

I use Liz Earle moisturiser which doesn't case any spots OP, I have spot prone skin and also pigmentation marks. I've recently signed up to Dermatica and am using a mix of hydroquinone and tretinoin and it has made my skin less oily and smoother just a week in.

Ponks Mon 13-Jan-20 23:04:39

It might be worth trying the Sam Bunting range, have a look at her website and videos, she seems to specialise in acne prone skin. The nightly serum sounds great.

anonacatchat Mon 13-Jan-20 23:05:53

Dr Sam buntings range


Miseryisabutterfly Tue 14-Jan-20 00:03:24

I had roaccutane as a teenager and it did nothing other than make me depressed. Clearly it works very well for some people. I think acne treatment is so specific to the individual.

AwdBovril Tue 14-Jan-20 00:14:23

I reacted horribly to TO niacinamide. Massive, cystic acne that took weeks to heal, & several months for some of the scars to fade. FWIW, I also don't get on with Liz Earle or the Body Shop vitamin E range - again, massive cystic acne breakouts. My two favourite moisturisers are:

this one, and

this one

Shop around if you go for one of them, as they're both regularly on offer someplace or other. It sounds like you might be dehydrated, rather than dry, TBH - that's my issue & it took a while to sort out but my skin is much better now. Recommend you check out the Fantastic Skincare threads in S&B. Completely transformed my skin!

Rachelfromfriends1 Tue 14-Jan-20 00:14:53

Kiehl’s ultra facial oil free

Mummoomoocow Tue 14-Jan-20 00:30:55

Check out fungal acne

WinkysTeatowel Tue 14-Jan-20 00:32:57

Vichy’s Normaderm works well for me

Lighteninginabottle27 Tue 14-Jan-20 07:54:49

Hiya, it's the dietapplements one I use. It has a black label and is marine based not bovine. There are loads out there and some are daft money but this seems to be working. I' 2nd bottle and I've suddenly seen a change. I had differin cream to get it under control but it made my skin horrendously dry and my lips were so sore. I've been seeing a specialist therapist for laser for some broken veins and she recommended the collagen. I'm going to have laser on the markings left by the acne too but she said it needs as much time as we can to calm and heal before she does anything else. Currently she's only treating the veins on my cheeks. I use the bha 1% every few days and the gel cream day and night because it works for me. I use a very light spf lotion over the top for daytime. Literally just dabbled on with my finger tips and avoiding my jaw line where clogging tends to occur.
All the products in the world will be recommended but its trial and error.

CrowleysBentley Tue 14-Jan-20 08:02:09

Try the avene tolerance extreme range. There's an emulsion and a cream, and they both have very few ingredients so less chance of irritation or causing spots. My skin is annoyingly fussy with moisturiser, is combination oily with dry bits, and both the emulsion and cream work well for me.

CrowleysBentley Tue 14-Jan-20 08:04:11

Oh, also Dr Hauschka clarifying day face oil is amazing stuff. I use a couple of drops under moisturiser, and it somehow balances out my skin so it's less oily, but also lovely and soft, despite being an oil.

CrowleysBentley Tue 14-Jan-20 08:05:32

Also, Garden of wisdom niacinamide is loads better than the ordinary one. Apologies for the triple post there!

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