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Zara do maternity clothes

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micegg Wed 29-Aug-07 16:29:38

Just in case you need to me. I am most pleased!

Hideehi Wed 29-Aug-07 19:40:39

are they really small the way the normal range is, i'm not sure my self esteem could take it lol

micegg Wed 29-Aug-07 19:50:34

must admit i havent tried them on yet as i m only 9 weeks but they looked ok (i am not small). jeans looked ok for maternity and top were quite pretty. speaking as someone who hates all things materbity that's a compliment.

missbumpy Thu 30-Aug-07 12:21:12

Do you know which Zara shops stock it though? I heard they were doing maternity stuff but I haven't seen any in the shops.

FioFio Thu 30-Aug-07 12:22:37

Message withdrawn

TheMaskedPoster Thu 30-Aug-07 12:23:51

ooo micegg, I will be 9 weeks tomorrow smile

- I know our Zara does maternity, so I will have to go in for a nosy (thanks for the tip, I had forgotten they did do maternity)

micegg Fri 31-Aug-07 16:00:24

They had a very small range in my local Zara (kingston). I wouldn't say they were for stick insects. I am normally a curvy 12 and woul say I was a medium in there. I liked the look of the jeans. I will probably get some when I can no longer squeeze into mine. Absolutely hate wearing maternity clothes so will eek out my current clothes for as long as poss. Judging by last time I have about 7 weeks until my zips start ripping open. hmm

Congrats to masked Poster! There is a thread for all due in April on the antenatal bit. Haven't really been following it but there are loads on there.

TheMaskedPoster Fri 31-Aug-07 16:35:31

micegg, my local is Kingston too
[neighbours emoticon] grin

am on the April thread but not following it religiously as yet (early days, as such, AND am usually too tired / nauseous to keep up!)

Congrats to you too x

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