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what colour shoes to wear with silver dress

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moljam Wed 29-Aug-07 15:10:53

its like a dull silver.smock style but ive no idea what colour shoes?

numptysmummy Wed 29-Aug-07 15:11:48


JackieNo Wed 29-Aug-07 15:12:24

Grey? Or something brighter - teal, or turquoise - tbh, pretty much anything might work (except gold, and I might avoid silver as possibly too much) - what other accessories/jewellery would you wear with it?

cornsilk Wed 29-Aug-07 15:12:56

silver, blACK

Heathcliffscathy Wed 29-Aug-07 15:16:04

Any, not gold agreed, or silver, or probably grey.

but any colour shoes, or black would be fine.

Heathcliffscathy Wed 29-Aug-07 15:16:52

you could do grey or silver provided they didn't look odd in a close, but not close enough tone way.

Rantmum Wed 29-Aug-07 15:17:00

these are nice

moljam Wed 29-Aug-07 15:18:39

thanks.i have some goergous turquoise ones-didnt think of that.not sure about accessories!i hardly ever go out so wont be ages till i get to wear it!

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