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Mascara, how often do you use a new tube?

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LiberteEgaliteChardonnay Sun 12-Jan-20 02:18:42

Hi all, no mystery there, it all in the title! I wondered how often you replace your mascara.
I am asking because I bought a new mascara tube about 2 months ago and wear some virtually every day. I was happy with it to begin with but it has now started to give me Alice Cooper's eyes by midday.
I am wondering if it's because I am using the last dregs? But I seem to remember that normally a mascara tube lasts me a bit longer like three months.
So, how long does a tube last you?

Owlsintowels Sun 12-Jan-20 02:23:47

A year minimum

LiberteEgaliteChardonnay Sun 12-Jan-20 02:25:06

Thanks Owls and you wear mascara most days too?

Cbeebieslover Sun 12-Jan-20 02:51:32

Every 3 weeks love lashtopia

RumbleDoll Sun 12-Jan-20 02:54:32

I treated myself to lash extensions, worth every penny.

LiberteEgaliteChardonnay Sun 12-Jan-20 03:13:47

Every three weeks! I must be doing well then! Are the tubes really tiny?
I have had extensions but I can't be arsed with the time it takes to have them put on and I don't like the way they look when they get towards the end of their life span. Having said that, they look fabulous!

Rayna37 Sun 12-Jan-20 03:21:25

Every six months at the longest but my last tube was one I hadn't had before and I had the problems you had after maybe 3-4 months, so binned it then; it was cheaper than my usual though!

PolPotNoodle Sun 12-Jan-20 03:34:44

As soon as I start getting transfer to my browbone or it starts smudging/flaking under my eyes. Probably about 1.5 months by that point.

MiniGuinness Sun 12-Jan-20 03:35:23

I change them pretty frequently as I find they get a bit thicker as time goes on. Usually every 3 months.

PixieDustt Sun 12-Jan-20 03:48:45

After a month or so

BusterGonad Sun 12-Jan-20 03:54:53

My rule is when they stop 'popping' when you pull the wand out of the tube.

chatwoo Sun 12-Jan-20 03:57:02

not exactly sure on timescales but probably every 2-3 months. The tubes I get are quite small as well.

rosewater20 Sun 12-Jan-20 04:05:59

Mascara only lasts for about three months before it starts growing bacteria. I use mine for about that long but get rid if it feels dry prior to the three months being up.

DefinatelyAWeeGobshite Sun 12-Jan-20 04:06:52

Usually every 3 months, either because I’ve ran out or it’s stopped working as well. I wear it to work (3 times a week) and then another few times a month for days out. Probably around half the month I wear makeup and the other half I’m makeup free

LiberteEgaliteChardonnay Sun 12-Jan-20 06:15:48

Thank you for all you replies. I am pretty surprised to see the lifespan range!
I think I will go and get a new one.

Owlsintowels Wed 15-Jan-20 07:47:19

I'm absolutely mind blown that people change mascara so often!
I don't use it every day, and compared to some people I guess I don't use a huge amount, but I certainly don't skimp - it makes a big difference to my face
I wear it maybe 2-3 days a week on average

By Christmas I am looking forward to my new drive, it is often a big clogged by then

It feels so extravagant to have a new tube eg once every month or two, but I guess the price is £20 tops (are there pricier ones?) so rationally that's not a huge expense.

Still... Mindblown

ILookAtTheFloor Wed 15-Jan-20 08:02:15

I'd say that by 4 weeks my mascara begins to run out, sometimes even 3 weeks. I do use a lot. Hence why I need to use cheap ones!

I'm using a Collection waterproof one on the top lashes at the moment, and Boots no. 7 tubing one for bottom lashes- this system is working well, no panda eyes so far.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 15-Jan-20 12:17:37

I change mine about every three months. I use it daily, and as a contact lens wearer am always vaguely paranoid about bacteria. I use MAC False Lash, the waterproof version.

LiberteEgaliteChardonnay Wed 15-Jan-20 12:51:31

Well I have replaced mine and yes, it stays on all day (bought the same brand). Given that's the only make up I wear, I don't mind replacing it regularly.

Glitterb Wed 15-Jan-20 18:43:53

3-4 months is average for me (sometimes longer) my eyelashes are really long and use everyday. I’ve been using YSL for years and nothing else comes close!

Chanel05 Wed 15-Jan-20 18:48:53

@Owlsintowels I swear by Chanel. It costs me £28 a time but I always get compliments wearing it, it stays on so well and comes off easily. Well worth the money.

firstimemamma Wed 15-Jan-20 18:49:50

I remember reading somewhere that mascaras should be changed every 6 months.

When I'm done I send my old mascara wand (cleaned) to a hedgehog sanctuary as they use them as brushes for baby hedgehogs which I find adorable!

Sweetpeach3 Wed 15-Jan-20 18:53:18

You should ideally change your mascara every 6 weeks ish or atLeast clean your brush as you have mites that live on your lashes and then clearly they end up on your brush and it isn't good or hygienic for your lashes (I'm a beauty therapist) . I personally don't wear mascara as it takes to long to apply with 3 kids so I cheat and have false lashes lol


DaisyRenton18 Wed 15-Jan-20 21:06:34

Definitely not as often as I should.

Mayyyyybe once every few months...? I tend to commit to one and use it every day (unless I've just had a lash lift) until it runs out. I used to vary but the difference between my different ones isn't really that noticeable, and it just meant each tube would last forever and end up irritating my eyes.

AceOfShades Wed 15-Jan-20 22:28:38

Sniff it, you'll soon know if it needs changing grin

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