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Jeans for the chunky of thigh

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BercowsFlamingoFlownSouth Sat 11-Jan-20 21:30:42

I'm 5'3" and chunky of thigh. I used to be pear shaped but since dc3 and IBS happened I'm more of an apple although I feel I look like a melon. I'm a size 12 mainly, sometimes a 10 depending. I can't bear anything around my navel or high waisted and like my trousers to sit about an inch below my navel.

What jeans would look best on me? I have large calf muscles too due to lots of hill walking and hate my legs in general. Although I have slim ankles. Thank you god for my ankles, feet and hands which are the only things I like.

At the moment I have fat face slim cut jeans. I love their crops but it's winter, although if wearing long boots no one knows they stop above the ankle grin

I would love to be able to wear skinny jeans but find them very uncomfortable and look like a badly stuffed sausage. I tried M&S jeggings as loved the colours but alas the sausage factory accident look was back.

People often suggest tunic type tops to me to go with skinnies but I just look like a pregnant sausage.

I also need some smart black trousers.

I fantasise about skinny jeans, floaty tops, long cardigans and Chelsea boots.

I would love to have a personal stylist that meets me with no make up, hair washed and still wet with just a white robe on so that he or she has no idea what I normally wear or look like. That way I could be totally restyled without any preconceptions.

I live in jeans, hoodies and trainers most days as walk 5 miles on the school run per day and need to be comfy but I long to be slightly more stylish. Not more fashionable as such but more put together.

Help please!

BercowsFlamingoFlownSouth Tue 14-Jan-20 07:45:42


WhoisitnowRalph Tue 14-Jan-20 08:02:43

Sorry I don't really know but I was interested to see what responses you had! I'm much bigger than you but same height, same chunky thighs - haven't got slim ankles though sadly.

I tend to go with short jeggings/skinnies and layer my tops - something loose fit over a longer tank or cami, hides a multitude. Then I wear chelsea boots (despite having major cankles) or chunky trainers. Yes I look a bit like a weeble, but oh well - I'm fat and 47, that's just what I look like! I'm losing weight again now but until then, stumpy thunder thighs it is. I'll never be teeny tiny.

I came to see what others had suggested. I once posted about how best to wear ankle boots with work trousers when tubby, short and stumpy of leg/ankle, and the general response (amongst several genuinely helpful suggestions) was a) I wasn't that short b) lose weight then and b) just wear them, who cares.

So I'm a little wary of posting now. smile

BercowsFlamingoFlownSouth Tue 14-Jan-20 08:19:16

It's frustrating isn't it. I've always been chunky of thigh whether 8 stone or 10 stone. That's just the way I'm built so losing weight won't help particularly. I've ordered some Fly Chelsea boots, and some mint velvet trousers and jeans off eBay which I'm hoping will fit. I need floaty tops that skim my crotch I think to balance me out. I wish I could grow at least 2 inches of not 4.

WhoisitnowRalph Tue 14-Jan-20 08:29:40

Floaty or boxy tops are good...I use a longline white tank underneath just peeping out at the hemline to show that, despite having an upper body the breadth of a wrestler, I actually have quite small hips! It seems to be effective at drawing the eye away from a large chest and upper arms... <hopeful> Can't save me from rhino legs though. No slim knees or ankles here, I gaze longingly at other women's shapely legs and admire them.

I can shrink my overall size by losing weight but my shape won't change significantly - I'll always have a thick waist, chunky short legs and broad shoulders, just on a smaller scale. I think I'm a rectangle.

On the plus side, I have the face of a movie star. Obvs. grin

Magissa Tue 14-Jan-20 08:29:42

I am also 5'3 with very chunky calves. I have always worn skinny jeans but recently have found them to be too restricting below my knees. I bought some Per una straight leg and they were great. I discovered that straight jeans on chunky calves look skinny but less restricting. Since those I have bought two more pairs of straight leg M&S. One pair (the Sophia) is great on my legs, the other (magic jeans) too wide in the leg but otherwise a lovely fit. Top wise I love floaty Bardot tops. I think because they accentuate shoulders and detract from tummy area. However I also like my off the shoulder, long, fitted black t shirts. I recently bought some mid thigh length shirts with a tie waist. Completely different to my usual style and completely different colours to my usual choice and they look stunning. I think it's definitely worth trying out new things.

WhoisitnowRalph Tue 14-Jan-20 08:31:48

Face off of Baywatch, body off of Crime watch my DH said before I smothered him

StegosaurusRex Tue 14-Jan-20 08:41:44

I have the same problem, although I'm a very pronounced pear shape. I always get my jeans from Asda online. They don't seem to do anything other than skinny in-store, but their straight-legged jeans online are a great fit on my legs and sit nicely on my hips. I don't like high waisted either, so these are great.
I live in jeans, so buy a few pairs at once and they last really well. Nice and cheap, too ;)

redsquirrl Tue 14-Jan-20 09:31:25

I'm wearing some jeans called Curve Appeal from tkmax which might fit your criteria - they're generous around the waist, don't make my chunky thighs look too much like stuffed sausages abs and comfortable too!

Scattyhattie Wed 15-Jan-20 00:39:16

The next hypercurve jeans were surprisingly comfy for skinnies i usually find them quite restricting around my knees, so might be worth try. Higher waist but wasn't noticeable so, while I like idea of keeping muffin top at bay not many seem to fit me well.
I need to lose some weight before I splash out, so not sure how they'd fare longer term. M&S the slim leg looked much like relaxed skinnies on me, the denim is nice & thick for price not that awful thin stretchy crap.

pemberleypearl Wed 15-Jan-20 01:03:45

Ooh waiting to hear if someone has an idea. Love your posting style though - made me giggle!

BercowsFlamingoFlownSouth Wed 15-Jan-20 07:27:11

I've got this mint velvet top off eBay to be more "I do make an effort sometimes" sort of thing. I buy lots of things from eBay as universal credit doesn't stretch to new mint velvet grinI've got some Chelsea boots from prime wardrobe but not sure about them yet. I'm not confident with trying new styles at all. I need updating 😩

NiteFlights Wed 15-Jan-20 07:46:04

I understand what you mean about skinnies/jeggings, I look like a sausage in them too. I’m a short pear. Straight jeans, whether relatively tight or more relaxed, are much better. I don’t think bootcuts etc work to balance bigger thighs on us shorter folk, I just feel as though I’m covered in flapping denim while still self-conscious about my thighs and bum. I always get jeans from Gap but my current ones have a highish waist, which wouldn’t work for you. Might be worth a look, though, for their different shapes. IME they’re good for bigger thighs. Also I think jeans without stretch are better on the whole - stretchy ones look nice at first but then seem to drag themselves down.

I think you might be able to wear cropped straight jeans even in the winter with DM boots or similar - maybe DM Chelsea boots? Especially with some nice woolly socks visible at the top I think it could work. Have a look on Pinterest to get your eye in.

thesunwillout Wed 15-Jan-20 08:19:51

Op like you a cannot stand anything fitting snug around my waist.
I miss the old lower rise jeans.
High waisted ones end up nearly touching my bra.
I've tried lots of on waist jeans hoping they'll sit just below, and higher waist hoping they're a bit shorter, but being short doesn't help.

Most straight legs end up looking like slightly wrong kick flares, or like my mum's done the hem on a too long pair!
Sort of stiff.

I did find a pair in New Look about 6 month ago, but when I tried to buy a second pair in the same style, they'd changed the style, not the name tho.


BercowsFlamingoFlownSouth Fri 17-Jan-20 12:03:40

The mint velvet jeans have arrived and fit. They come up a bit higher than I prefer but feel comfy. They are more skinny in style than I usually go for. They are nice and smooth and stretchy. Dd said they looked really good and looked surprised about it hmm I don't normally wear black jeans either.

It must be a midlife crisis grin

tequilasunrises Fri 17-Jan-20 13:16:31

I’m thick of thigh also and I despise shopping for jeans with a passion. I wear black ones to work sometimes that are from Asda and once they are worn in a bit they are comfy and fit great but I don’t like any of the blue denim colours much. I’ve got ASOS next day delivery and I must have ordered about 20 pairs in recent months and returned them all. The Hermes man who delivers them must think I’ve got a shopping addiction. ITS SO HARD.

I’m planning on trying Gap and Levi’s next as I’ve heard good things. Also heard good things about Topshop Joni Jeans, a girl I follow on Insta who is very pear shaped swears by them!

HostessTrolley Fri 17-Jan-20 18:39:38

I’m 5’4” and size 18 with big thighs. I love Levi’s 311/312/314 (skinny/slim/straight). They come in standard sizes or plus size (I’m between a 16 and an 18 in the plus size but can wear the 34” waist at a push) and three different leg lengths. On the expensive side but I keep an eye on eBay and had several new with tags pairs from there at about half the shop price

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