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Product recommendations for spot prone skin

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MonsteraCheeseplant Thu 02-Jan-20 20:03:47

Hi, does anyone use products to treat skin blemishes? Body and face?

readingismycardio Fri 03-Jan-20 06:58:55

Hi, OP. What's your skin type? What's your current skincare routine? Do you have any other worries such as rosacea, dullness? What kind of spots? Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads?

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 03-Jan-20 07:29:26

Hi, my skin is combination. No current skincare routine (was near perfect until came off the pill + medication for acne that i'd been on for over a decade). Spots are small whiteheads, a small amount of red spots and fine braille like texture on my forehead, jaw, hairline, chest, neck and back.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 03-Jan-20 07:36:36

Can you go back on the acne meds?

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 03-Jan-20 07:42:30

No because that was the pill + Spiro. I want to come off the pill now.

readingismycardio Fri 03-Jan-20 10:36:46

@MonsteraCheeseplant planning to come off the pill this year. You've scared the shit out of me. How bad is it actually?sad

readingismycardio Fri 03-Jan-20 10:37:28

Also, how was your skin before the pill? Did you go on the pill because of that?

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 03-Jan-20 10:44:54

I started medications and ultimately Dianette for Acne when I was a teenager so my skin was bad when I went on it. It isn't even close to being half as bad now, 13 or so years later. Honestly, people probably don't notice it. It worries me in case it continues to deteriorate but it's been probably 4 months since coming off so I don't know if it will get worse.

Ohyesiam Fri 03-Jan-20 10:48:18

Look on Byrdie for The Ordinary regime recommendations for acne/ break out prone skin.
I did and really see the difference after only a week.
Really reasonable prices for products that work.

Balonder Fri 03-Jan-20 10:49:45

Azelaic acid from the Ordinary worked for my break-out prone skin

readingismycardio Fri 03-Jan-20 10:50:26

@MonsteraCheeseplant I somehow feel better now. Never took medication but am on Dianette. Getting married this year so will have to get rid of it soon after. So sorry to hijack your thread, but did your period arrive soon after you came off? How many years were you on it? Sorry again, so excited to find someone in my situation.

Re skincare (back to your thread, sorry!)
Must have products in my opinion:
A gentle make up remover (if you wear make-up)
A cleanser (for double cleansing)
A toner
A hydrating cream

Then, to target whiteheads (my main problem) have a look at cosrx Aha 7% whitehead solution.

Another thing:

Other tips that I found useful:
Change your pillowcase often: one night on one side, second night on the other then change
Make sure your phone is clean
Use paper towels and don't rub your skin

readingismycardio Fri 03-Jan-20 10:50:59

As another pp said: I LOVE azelaic from the ordinary.

CrowleysBentley Fri 03-Jan-20 19:39:55

For body acne the ordinary glycolic toner, and Cerave SA smoothing cream (contains salicylic acid, not recommended for use in pregnancy). Works really well. I put the toner in a little spray bottle for my back. Also excellent for ingrown hairs, and prevents body odour if used in armpits too, I get through lots less antiperspirant since doing this and no more ingrown hairs.

Dermatica are great for acne treatments. I started with tretinoin and clindamycin (again not for use in pregnancy or when ttc), then moved to just tretinoin after a few months. Even when I had to take a break of a few months spots didn't return half as bad. Well worth the subscription. Azelaic acid is good but I would recommend the Garden of Wisdom one from Victoria Health rather than the ordinary one. I hate the weird siliconey texture of the ordinary one.

Try and keep skincare simple too. Avene tolerance range is very good, it has minimal ingredients so less likely to cause spots. Also Paula's choice bha is excellent. I like the bioderma face wash in the pink bottle, or cerave hydrating cleanser. Vitamin c is great if you have any scars or marks left from spots or for general brightening too. I have tried loads and the Timeless vitamin c e ferulic serum is my favourite. Kept in the fridge it lasts a long time.

Sorry, I rambled a bit blush

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 03-Jan-20 20:28:04

Hey no worries readingismycardio,
My periods came back straight away and i've been on the pill for about 17 years! The return of my sex drive has been a massive bonus. I wouldn't want to go back on the pill now regardless of TTC.

Thank you everyone for your help. The Ordinary has been recommended a lot but it's website is a little overwhelming, so many products...i'll check out your recommendation there Ohyesiam. Thanks.

HermioneWeasley Fri 03-Jan-20 20:30:13

The ordinary glycolic acid toner and niacinimide

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 03-Jan-20 20:35:10

and CrowleysBentley i'll look into your recommendations.

I gotta say though, I currently use nothing (apart from moisturiser). So i can't see me using 12 different products on a daily basis now...Like, one product for face and one for body, is that possible?

Chocarocker Fri 03-Jan-20 20:38:08

Azelaic acid worked for my spot prone skin. Applied once a day before bed.

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 03-Jan-20 21:58:40

Ok, i've bought a basket full at The Ordinary (great prices). Fingers crossed smile

readingismycardio Sat 04-Jan-20 05:42:09

Thanks so much for your reply, OP! What did you get from The Ordinary?

MonsteraCheeseplant Sat 04-Jan-20 08:23:44

I took a combination of what was recommended on this thread and on the regimen guide on the website. Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, and Squalene.

I've already got Salicylic acid in a Clinique lotion and although I haven't used it in years, i don't remember it being very helpful, although as a PP said, I might put it in a spray bottle for my back.

I was tempted with your recommendation of cosrx Aha 7% whitehead solution and several of Crowley's recommendations but didn't think I should use more than one acid at a time and there are SO MANY options! It's very overwhelming.

readingismycardio Sat 04-Jan-20 13:19:01

You did very well! Keep in mind my recommendation for the future, I love it.
Make sure you introduce the products one by one into your routine to see if your skin doesn't react well on any of them.

I'd start once a week with the niacinamide in the evening for starters.

Don't use both niacinamide and salycilic at the same time.

WEAR SPF. 30 is enough, but do it everyday. My absolute favourite spf is paula's choice defence 30.

readingismycardio Sat 04-Jan-20 13:20:37

A good article re purging:

MonsteraCheeseplant Sat 04-Jan-20 17:01:28

Thank you for that article, god there is so much information out there! Best of luck coming off, i think you'll be fine. My skin was pretty bad before and it is still much much better than it used to be, just not as perfect as I got used to.

QuillBill Sat 04-Jan-20 17:29:55

This is the best product I have ever used. I use the tiniest amount on a cotton bud before bed.

There are some reviews on their website.

MonsteraCheeseplant Sat 04-Jan-20 20:48:22


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